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A Stone Cold Interview: Political Strategist Roger Stone Reflects on July 4th

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In an exclusive interview, veteran political strategist and former presidential campaign adviser for Donald Trump Roger Stone sat down with El American to talk about Independence Day, the current state of American politics, his strategy for the Republican Party, his struggle with the political persecution he’s been suffering for years and matters of his private life regarding his wife’s recent diagnosis.

With a brave tone and sharp verb, he answered all the questions, being very open about his thoughts and life. One of the core messages Stone stressed thoroughly was: If it happened to me, it can surely happen to any American citizen.

Mr. Stone, reflect for us for just a moment on what the Fourth of July means to you.

I guess it is a reminder of how fragile the freedoms that we declared on July 4th, 1776 really are. Based on my own personal experience, I understand that a corrupt, oppressive government can revoke your rights in the blink of an eye. In my case, I lost my ability to travel freely, to make a living for my family, to associate with anyone I wished.

Most egregiously, I was gagged by a tyrannical federal judge who insisted on preventing me from defending myself from the tsunami of attacks leaked by prosecutors and amplified by malicious fake news media. If it can happen to me… it can happen to any American. One morning you wake up before dawn and 29 heavily armed FBI agents in full SWAT gear and brandishing M-4 assault rifles after illegally tipping CNN for this drama.

roger stone., stone, arrested, july 4th
Roger Stone being escorted by FBI agents.
Surely these actions you list are specific to you because you were charged in the now-discredited Mueller investigation?

No. Even as we speak, the FBI has a record number of warrantless surveillance being conducted against U.S. citizens. Under the FISA Court rules, the government needs to show no probable cause for this intrusion on a citizen’s privacy. What happened to me can happen to anyone. There is no better time to remember how fleeting our freedoms can be than on July 4th. The FISA Court has warned the FBI that their spying could violate the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. They don’t seem to care.

Can the problem really be as draconian as you describe it?

Today, the Deputy Attorney General for National Security has the authority to have someone detained and arrested without a warrant while publicly denying that said person has been taken into custody. One can be held indefinitely without charges being filed against them, tried in secret if charged, and incarcerated without any public record. These are the horrific guidelines passed by the US Congress after the attack on 9/11.

Other than Ron and Rand Paul, virtually no Republican challenged the renewal of this law. They are clearly unconstitutional but they are now being used to harass political dissidents in the United States. A political dissident is defined as anyone who disagrees with Joe Biden and the direction he is taking this country.

The idea that those of us who have toiled in the democratic vineyards of politics would favor violence as a solution is ridiculous. The major violence in America was in Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Twenty-two people were killed —nobody has been prosecuted—.

The very day I was convicted in a Soviet-style show trial in Washington D.C., the prosecutor in my case announced that Andrew McCabe would not be prosecuted for admittedly lying to the FBI. 

stone, roger stone, interview, july 4th
Stone asserted that one of the main motives of the persecution put against him is because he has beat them frequently for decades. (Twitter)

The Constitution requires equal treatment under the law for all Americans. But John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and others – all of whom lied to Congress – get a pass, while I was prosecuted for lying to Congress despite the fact that any misstatement I made was immaterial and hid no underlying crime. Particularly regarding any contact between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. 

On November 3rd, 2020, at midnight, the U.S. Department of Justice, in a press release, released the last remaining long-hidden redacted sections of Mueller’s final report, in which the Special Counsel attempts to sugarcoat his admission that he had “no factual evidence” against me regarding Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration with the Trump campaign or anything pertaining to John Podesta’s embarrassing emails. BuzzFeed – one of the few media outlets to report this late-night release on the busiest news day of the year – said I was “vindicated.” 

Just today CNN reported that “Roger Stone lied to Congress about trying to reach WikiLeaks on behalf of the 2016 Trump campaign” —which is categorically false. I have passed two polygraph tests on the question of whether I ever spoke to candidate Trump about WikiLeaks. The plea-bargain-induced claims of two Trump associates who testified to the contrary have been debunked. Yet CNN repeats the Big Lie; thus demonstrating the threat they pose to the rights we commemorate this Independence Day too. 

Authoritarian Democrats and their handmaidens in the fake news media pose the greatest danger to this Republic we have ever faced. That they have both been heavily financed and infiltrated by the Chinese communists is beyond dispute. 

After President Trump issued me an unconditional pardon based on the fact that my indictment was entirely contrived and politically motivated and that I didn’t receive anything close to a fair trial, many in my family urged me to retire from the arena and, as a New York Times Bestselling Author, write more books. 

stone, roger stone, interview, republican
Stone has set a plan to take Congress back for Republicans with, as he put it, only America First candidates. (Decider)

I am a warrior; this is the life I have chosen. At an early age, I heard Theodore Roosevelt’s call to be “A Man in the Arena.” I am a grizzled veteran of eleven presidential contests. As a former Young Republican National Chairman, I left the party of Lincoln as a matter of principle when Republicans nominated Mitt Romney and joined the Libertarian Party to work actively as a strategist for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson’s 2012 campaign.

I returned to the GOP only after the hostile takeover of the Republican Party by Donald Trump, who has rightfully remade it as the party of working people, tax reduction, job growth, energy independence, criminal justice reform ,fair trade deals,peace in the Middle East , a hardline on Islamic terroris and a muscular national defense. It will never go back to being the country club Republican Party of the Bushes, and despite the future of Donald J. Trump himself, the America First segment of the Republican Party will remain dominant.

Although some in the media try to pretend that I am merely a Trump torpedo, I have been honored to work intimately with three Presidents; Nixon, Reagan, and Trump. I also had the honor of working for perhaps the greatest single American living today; Senator Bob Dole—a true American hero. 

The constant assault on me is payback from liberal Democrats going back forty years, where I have beat them with regularity.

stone, roger stone, nixon
Roger Stone worked for President Richard Nixon during his campaign and later on in the Office of Economic Opportunity (Twitter)

The left uses a strategy to censor and de-platform activists like me, and then, using their compliant media allies, vilify and smear their political opponent —particularly those who have had the courage to challenge them, like Tucker Carlson and myself. In my case, going so far as to inventing crimes and stacking juries. What could be a greater violation of the very principles that the Declaration of Independence espoused on this very date? 

It sounds like you have lost all faith in the American judicial system?

I am living proof that Jesus Christ can do anything. I faced a contrived framing by federal prosecutors with unlimited legal power and unlimited financial resources, a deeply biased federal judge who could not even hide her disdain for me and for President Trump, an epically corrupt jury forewoman who got caught attacking me on the internet regarding the very case she had been chosen as a juror for and a jury comprised entirely of virulent Trump-hating Democrats.

Despite the fact that my sentence violated both law and Bureau of Prisons regulations regarding COVID-19; it was upheld by the equally corrupt D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Yet, Jesus Christ and the power of God overcame it all. It was not until I reaffirmed my faith in Jesus Christ and put my faith squarely in the hands of God that I knew I would be delivered from my persecutors.

I don’t care about the left-wing elites in the media who mock my reaffirmation to Jesus Christ.

roger stone, stone, july 4th, interview
Stone was pardoned by Donald Trump on the last day of the Administration. (Twitter)

He knows what’s in my heart. That’s all that matters. The Lord has saved me three times. First, when my sentence was commuted days before being tossed in a dank, COVID-19-infested prison in Georgia. Secondly, when the President issued an unconditional pardon to me. Thirdly, on January 6th when I never left the grounds of the Willard Hotel. Ham-handed efforts, particularly by ABC News, CNN and a legal columnist for the LA Times who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, to imply that I knew about or was involved in any of the illegal activities of that day are categorically false. I grow tired of people using my name for clickbait. 

So, what must the American people do to preserve those rights secured in 1776?

I have actually laid out an extensive plan that I believe can save America. You can read about it at RogerStonesPlanToSaveAmerica.com (PLAN is also an acronym for: “Protect our elections, Leave Big-Tech, Abandon the RINO’s, and Nominate America First candidates”).

We must break the complete control and censorship of all mass communications in the United States. We must rally the American people to demand free, fair, honest, and transparent elections. We must clean house in the Republican Party to ensure that we remain the Party of America First—and then take back the White House in 2024 with a true America First candidate. Donald Trump is my first choice. 

What’s next for you?

As you may know, my wife of thirty years, my soulmate, life partner, and rock through all the turmoil of the Mueller witch-hunt, has been suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Because the Mueller inquisition left us battered and broke and because internet censorship has seriously hampered my ability to make a living; my main focus is to raise the funds for many of the treatments in my wife’s epic struggle with cancer.

stone, roger stone, nydia stone, interview, gop
Roger and Nydia Stone (who is Cuban American) have been married since 1992.

I am convinced that my wife’s sudden illness is the manifestation of three years of stress as we were hunted, smeared, vilified, framed, terrorized, threatened, bankrupted, gagged, de-platformed, censored, and through the Grace of God pardoned and vindicated. The entirely bogus civil action filed against me and my wife by the Biden Department of Justice over 2007 and 2008 taxes is sensationalized fraud upon the Court as will be proven at trial. But for my wife, it is the last straw.

Even homeopathic and holistic cancer treatments are expensive. Americans who want to help us in this struggle can donate at StoneFamilyFund.com. My wife is a fiery Cuban American who is determined to live but we need your help and your prayers.

At the same time, I must focus on my next book, Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong: My Political Persecution & The Loss of the 2020 Election with an introduction by Judge Andrew Napolitano which should be out by September.

I’m also launching my own brand of StoneColdVodka which will be widely available. The quality of this vodka rivals anything sold in the United States today.

This seems like the perfect time to wish every American a joyous and healthy celebration on this Independence Day. “Victory or Death!,” as Colonel Travis said at the Alamo. 


Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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