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The Struggle of the Venezuelan People Against the Lumpen Dictatorship

Venezuela, Fraude, Elecciones

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Government is necessary to protect us from criminals and the constitution is needed to protect us from the government, said Ayn Rand. She didn’t leave us any say where to look for protection when the criminals are the government and they write the constitution. That is the situation in Venezuela since, in an act of collective stupidity, its citizens decided to entrust their destiny to a group of criminals disguised as redeemers.

Although we should never shy away from reminding Venezuelans of their responsibility in the miserable destiny they’re currently living, we shouldn’t be too cruel in doing so either. In the end, the most cultured Germans carried Hitler on their shoulders and the happy Italians did the same with Mussolini. “Democracy is a risky system,” as the great Ortega y Gasset warned almost a century ago.

It is admirable to see the will to fight that the Venezuelan people still exhibit by voting massively -six and a half million citizens did so- in the popular consultation called by the opposition last December 12th.This was a participation rate superior to that of the electoral farce of December 6th in which Chavism elected its pocket-sized national assembly.

Elections convened by the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. (EFE)

Twenty years after Castro’s criminal gang came to power, the Cubans had lost all will to fight and the ominous dictatorship was recognized by the so-called “international community”. More than twenty years after the enthronement of Chávez and his bandits, Venezuelans continue to fight and the criminal regime of his heir Maduro reaps the repudiation of decent governments around the world. That is why the Venezuelan people deserve great admiration and all the support we can give them.

Colombian President Ivan Duque is also admirable for his open repudiation of Maduro’s dictatorship and his unwavering support for the Venezuelan opposition, assuming, with courage and without sparing any risk, the leadership of the Latin American countries that reject Venezuela’s Lumpen dictatorship. For that alone Duque already has an honorable place in the gallery of the defenders of freedom.

The indifference with which the Colombian media, with the exception of Noticiero NTN, treated the heroic day of the Venezuelan vote last December 12th is repugnant. Not one correspondent on the spot, not a single report, not one comment, nothing at all; the Colombian media kept a shameful silence, because in this case, more than in any other, silence is complicity.

Perhaps the silence of the media is a reflection of their increasingly less disguised sympathy for criminals in Colombian politics who have a presence in Congress, and who reap great benefits from it. Neither have the Fajardos, the Claudias, the Antanas, nor any of the representatives of the “lukewarm group”, whose tepidity comforts the hottest criminals in politics, have said anything about it.

The experience of Venezuela shows, at the same time, the ease with which a people full of demagogy can throw themselves deceived into the arms of a criminal dictatorship, and the enormous difficulty of freeing themselves from such a lethal embrace. That is why it is so worrisome that the criminals of Colombian politics and the lukewarm ones who support them are scoring high in the polls with their demagogic discourse. The heart and mind of the Colombian people must be fought for, for the stakes are high: beware of 2022!

Luis Guillermo Vélez Álvarez is an economist and consultant at the Center for Systemic Economics Studies (ECSIM). @LuisGuillermoVl // Luis Guillermo Vélez Álvarez es economista y consultor del Centro De Estudios En Economía Sistémica (ECSIM). @LuisGuillermoVl

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