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Study Unveils List of Countries that Use Cryptocurrencies the Most

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Cryptocurrencies popularity has shown exponential growth in recent years and a survey released by Finder took charge of elaborating a detailed analysis on the subject. The consulting firm prepared a report on the adoption of digital currencies globally and these were the countries that stood out the most for their immersion in the “crypto” world.

First, the data Finder used to carry out the study in question was obtained through surveys, which were conducted between April and June 2020 in 26 different countries. Ultimately, the statistics came out of 217,947 different responses.

Countries that use cryptocurrencies the most

According to the report, this ranking is led by India, where 29% of people own digital currencies. In second place comes Nigeria (27%), followed by Vietnam (25%), Australia (22%), and Ghana (20%).

Among Latin Americans, Venezuela comes first with 18%, followed closely by Brazil (17%), while Colombia rounds out the top three with 15%. Further behind are Argentina and Mexico, both with 13%.

The US and an x-ray of the use of cryptocurrencies

Meanwhile, the United States comes in 17th place in the ranking, also with 13%, a figure that is below the world average of 15%.

In addition, among those who own digital currencies, the most popular is bitcoin with 36%. The list is completed by Ethereum and Dodge Coin with 25 %, while 19 % have Cardano.

Cryptocurrency ownership also varies greatly by gender. In this field, there is a clear predominance of men over women. For example, in the US, 74% of those who own digital currencies are male, while women represent only 26%.

When it comes to this gender division, the country with the most parity is Colombia, where women represent 44 % of those who hold cryptocurrencies and men 56 %.

Another relevant topic for Finder was the age of the people immersed in the crypto world. In the US, 61% of those holding digital currencies are between 18 and 34 years old, 30% are between 35 and 54, and only 9% are over 55.

One case that is extremely striking is that of Hong Kong, where the data showed an almost perfect parity. In the Asian country, 34% are between 35 and 54, while both younger and older people own cryptocurrencies at 33%.


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