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Suitcases Found with Human Remains in New York: What Do We know?

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LOCAL media reported Thursday on the discovery of suitcases with human remains in New York. As reported by New York Post, the victim could be a 22-year-old woman.

“The remains were located after concerned building security guards went to the unit in Cypress Hills to find out why they had not seen the young woman in a month, but the victim’s boyfriend and another man refused them entry, sources said,” the Post reported.

According to information provided by authorities, the boyfriend refused to let the guards in to do their welfare check at the apartment, located on Linwood Street near Atlantic Avenue.

New York investigates

Post sources explained that the 23-year-old boyfriend had been at the woman’s apartment in March to pick up her things. They further highlighted that the young woman had an order of protection against her partner.

“The city medical examiner’s office will officially confirm the victim’s identity and determine the cause of death. A person of interest had been identified and wanted for questioning, sources said Tuesday.”

Likewise, police officials said they are continuing to conduct investigations into the case.

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