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Gov. Susana Martínez: The Conservative Hispanic Who Made Political History

Gob. Susana Martínez, una hispana que ha hecho historia en la política - Gov. Susana Martínez: The Conservative Hispanic Who Made Political History

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Former New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martinez spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent for El American, about her political career, the importance of enforcing laws, the immigration crisis and the positive impact of Hispanics in the U.S.

Martinez has made history in American politics, as she was the first Hispanic governor of New Mexico (2011-2019) and in 2013 was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

During her talk with Luna, the former governor recounted her beginnings in politics. She said that at the beginning she was not a Republican, but a Democrat because her parents were. However, after talking with her husband about politics, they both understood that her ideas were Republican. So she decided to run and register as a Republican to be the District Attorney, even though she knew that in a state like New Mexico it would not be easy to win as a conservative.

The results were overwhelming. She won with 60% of the vote and went on to serve three terms as District Attorney. While in office, she dedicated herself to law enforcement. He worked on issues such as child welfare, domestic abuse reporting and sexual abuse. “I was really drawn to those cases and to getting to know the victims and making justice a voice for them,” she said.

Then, with her goals clear and in her 50s, she decided to run for governor. A position she obtained in 2010 after being supported by 53% of the voters and repeated in 2014, with a much higher support: 57%.

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Similarly, she explained that when she decided to run for governor she found people who made her open her mind and listen to different visions. Now, she maintains, she wants to listen to the ideas of all Americans and earn the support of all citizens, regardless of their party.

Susana Martinez is proud to be Hispanic

The former governor said that politicians should listen more to citizens, who constantly talk about their ideals, proposals and dreams. “I want them to listen to my ideas. I firmly believe that it is an honor for me to be Hispanic and a woman who shows other women and other Hispanics that they can be leaders,” Gov. Susana Martínez said.

She stressed that the United States is a country where you can achieve a better quality of life and have a better job, but insisted on the need for migration to be done in an orderly manner.

Precisely on the immigration issue, she indicated that while she was governor and District Attorney she worked to ensure compliance with the law and assured that what is happening at the border is a disaster.

Susana Martinez dijo que se debe impulsar una migración ordenada (Foto: Flickr)
Susana Martínez said orderly migration should be promoted. (Flickr)

We seem to be experiencing, again, in recent months, another disaster at the border. I was actually the district attorney in the county on the border with Mexico and El Paso. So, I saw a lot of trafficking of humans, a lot of trafficking of drugs, narcotics, and people who were going to go into slave labor.