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Sweden Moves Forward in Building of New Right-Wing Government

Suecia avanza en la formación del nuevo gobierno de derecha

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Sweden took another step towards the formation of a new government with the election on Monday of the conservative Andreas Norlén as President of the Parliament, two weeks after the legislative elections in which the right-wing opposition bloc won.

Norlén, who had already presided over the House the last term, was elected by acclamation on the eve of the inaugural session of the new Parliament, in which the right-wing has a majority of seats, 176 against 173 for the center-left of the incumbent Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson.

The four parties of the opposition bloc  —Conservatives, Sweden Democrats (SD), Christian Democrats, and Liberals— have been negotiating a government pact for days.

“It’s going very well. We are going step by step forward,” Conservative leader Ulf Kristersson said today.

Kristersson was officially given the task of leading the negotiations on the 19th after Norlén met with all the political leaders and a majority gave him their backing.

Kristersson’s Moderate (conservative) Party was the third most voted with 19.1 %, behind the Social Democrats (30.3 %) and the SD (20.5 %).

Kristersson has not clarified which parties would enter a hypothetical government, although Swedish media speculate with an executive in the minority of conservatives and Christian Democrats supported from outside by liberals and rightists.

The opposition leader will meet this Wednesday with Norlén to inform him about the progress of the negotiations and if there is already a closed agreement, the president of the Parliament could set a date for the election of the new prime minister to be voted in the Chamber.

The SD is expected to obtain the second vice-presidency of the Parliament, as well as eight chairmanships or vice-chairmanships in different parliamentary committees.

“We held a joint negotiation on the chairmanship of Parliament and committees. The SD is an important party in parliamentary activity. A future government will need to negotiate many things with them, so it was completely natural,” Kristersson said today.

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