Taliban Threatens to ‘Chop Into Pieces’ Women Who Reject Sharia Law

Female TV hosts were taken off-air and were notified that they can no longer work

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The Taliban are reverting to strict Sharia, a set of radical principles governing the moral and religious life of Muslims. For example, the Taliban group is reportedly threatening in WhatsApp groups to “chop into pieces” and “throw away” female students who attend classes with lipstick and nail polish.

According to Bloomberg journalist Sophia Cai, the Taliban are filtering into students’ WhatsApp groups and there they also claim that Afghan women will only be able to study if they cover their faces and eyes.

The full voice message, says: “Cover your face, cover your eyes, go back to class without fear, but if I see your polished nails or if I see your toes or if you wear lipstick, I will chop you into pieces and throw you in the trash,” explained Cai on Twitter.

Afghanistan is living a tense moment after the Taliban took over the territory. Several journalists have already warned that the Taliban are imposing their rules on Afghan society. This is despite the fact that some of their leaders have said that they will respect the traditions of the Afghans.

The Taliban and Sharia rules

However, this kind of situation shows that the Taliban has no intention of respecting a way of life different from that established by Sharia. In fact, Chilean journalist and filmmaker Jorge Said pointed out that some measures of the new regime are already in force and that women are not allowed to go out.

Likewise, he indicated that there are female television hosts who have already been taken off the air and have been notified that they can no longer work.

Los talibanes hacen cumplir la Sharia (Hedayatullah / EFE), El American
The Taliban enforce Sharia. (EFE)

“They gave orders for women to stay in the rooms and they can only go for breakfast, all together. There can be no contact with men. In the street there is very loud music. I went to a supermarket and asked what that music was and they told us it was Taliban religious music,” Said said.

The main concern about the Taliban takeover of the territory is the living conditions of women. This is because they are in danger after the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15.

In an interview conducted by RFI with a women’s rights activist and leader of a political party in Kandahar (who preferred to remain anonymous to protect her integrity), she warned that after the takeover of Afghanistan, women’s rights activists are in hiding. She also said that the Taliban have beaten women and threatened to kill them.

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