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Taliban will celebrate anniversary of Biden’s humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan

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The Taliban regime declared Wednesday, August 31, as National Day in Afghanistan, as part of the celebration for the first anniversary of the withdrawal of U.S. troops ordered by President Joe Biden.

August 31, 2021, was the day when “the US-led NATO invasion was completely defeated in Afghanistan and the sun of independence rose again, highlighting the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the country’s independence,” the Ministry of Labor said in a statement Tuesday.

Therefore, it added, tomorrow, Wednesday, the first anniversary of the end of the American withdrawal, “is a public holiday in Afghanistan,” it said.

Images circulated on social media show Taliban security forces preparing for tomorrow’s celebration activities in different provinces of Afghanistan.

The Islamists’ government began the celebrations on August 15, the date a year ago when its fighters entered Kabul city to take control of the country after the fall of the U.S.-backed government.

American troops left Afghanistan late on August 30 in Kabul, just before the deadline agreed with the Taliban to complete the withdrawal and evacuation of all their personnel and collaborators.

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