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The Taliban Will Hold Americans Hostage, Warns Former Afghan Police Adviser

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The last few days have been difficult and very painful for America. Thirteen soldiers were killed in an attack at the Kabul airport and there are still Americans and allies trapped in Afghanistan. Although the government has promised to come back for them, the manner in which the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has been carried out, makes many think that a death sentence has been signed today for those remaining in a country ruled by the Taliban.

To analyze the situation in Afghanistan and the decisions that have been taken from Washington, our editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, spoke today with Ron Aledo, former Joint Staff officer, CIA contractor analyst, intelligence advisor to the Afghan Police in Kabul.

“The Taliban, in return for their ‘charity,’ will ask for economic benefits. Anything the U.S. wants to do in Afghanistan needs the Taliban’s permission. Biden has put the U.S. on its knees before the Taliban,” Aledo said.

The interviewee also referred to the alleged decision of Joe Biden’s administration to hand over to the Taliban a list of Afghan allies and American citizens. It is about the information published by Politico, in which it is stated that the list would have been delivered in order to “accelerate the evacuation of tens of thousands of people” from Afghanistan.

Aledo stressed that if this information is confirmed, it would be a huge risk: “It is a very high risk if it is confirmed. Biden is relying on the goodwill of the Taliban. The administration is relying on the leadership to make good use of this list. It sounds nice on paper, but it’s a huge risk.”

It could have been different, says Ron Aledo

On the other hand, the intelligence advisor explained that former President Donald Trump was not going to carry out the withdrawal if the Taliban did not meet specific conditions. Contrary to that, according to Aledo, Biden ignored those conditions and decided to carry out the withdrawal in the worst way.

“There were ten or fifteen ways to do the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the worst option was the one Biden chose. It has been nonsense. In the last two months I have seen complete ineptitude on the part of the administration,” Aledo said.

Asked about the performance of the Afghan Army after the withdrawal of American troops, Aledo denied that the Afghans have surrendered in their fight against the Taliban, as the American president claimed.

“The Afghan Army has fought the Taliban, but they need air support, intelligence and logistics. Once the Americans were withdrawn, all of that was lost… It crumbled the Afghan army. Morale went to the ground. And the Taliban were very clever in taking advantage of that defeatism,” the interviewee pointed out.

Ron Aledo said the withdrawal from Afghanistan could have been different (Image: EFE)

Finally, the former CIA agent said that Biden is carrying out orders from the Taliban and warned about what could happen after the deadline given by the Taliban to withdraw citizens from the territory on August 31.

“Those who stay are going to become hostages. Not ordinary hostages as of a kidnapping, but they will be a key bargaining chip between the Taliban and the United States. Whatever the U.S. wants to do with them, the Taliban are going to use it to their advantage.”

Our interviewee points out a very serious issue, the Americans and collaborators who have been trapped in Afghanistan are going to become a bargaining chip between the Taliban and the United States, and when they want to come back for them, to rescue them, the Taliban are going to ask for things in return for every American or collaborator they let out. The men the administration left behind are going to be used to exploit and blackmail the U.S.

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