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‘We Got to Take These Motherf*ckers Out’: Rutgers Professor Lashes Out at White Parents

“Tenemos que sacar a estos hijos de puta”: una profesora arremete contra padres blancos

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Rutgers University associate professor Dr. Brittney Cooper became a trending topic after she claimed that white parents should be attacked. She further asserted that white people, in her view, are destined to be “villains.”

“White people are committed to being villains. We got to take these MF’ers out,” Cooper said, in remarks picked up by Media Research Center.

“We got to take these MF’ers out ”: teacher lashes out at white parents.

She not only criticized white parents

Cooper also argued that the world was going great until “white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.” She also pointed out that black people have already faced difficulties. She stressed that this is why they hope to come to power to do things differently.

Brittney Cooper is an associate professor of women’s, gender and Africana studies. Her work focuses broadly in the area of black women’s intellectual history, black feminist thought and the politics of race.

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“But what I believe about black people is that we have seen what a shit show this iteration of treatment of other human beings means and that my hope is that we would do it differently in the moments when we have some power.”