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Ted Cruz Rips China’s Huawei for Alleged Role in Espionage of Citizens

Ted Cruz: "Huawei es una agencia de espionaje del Partido Comunista chino"

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared this Tuesday a Washington Post report that accuses company Huawei of playing a key role in the espionage of citizens by the Chinese Communist Party.

“The new details on Huawei’s surveillance products come amid growing concerns in China, and around the world, about the consequences of pervasive facial recognition and other biometric tracking. Even as the Chinese Communist Party continues to rely on such tools to root out dissent and maintain its one-party rule, it has warned against the technologies’ misuse in the private sector,” WaPo explains.

Given the information, Senator Cruz argued that the company should remain on the U.S. blacklist for its links to espionage in China. “Confirmed: Huawei is a CCP spy agency,” Cruz wrote on Twitter.

The Washington Post detailed that it reviewed at least 3,000 PowerPoint slides outlining surveillance projects and plans pushed by Huawei and other partner companies of the Asian giant.

“The Huawei slides shed light on the company’s role in five surveillance activities in China: voice recording analysis, detention center monitoring, location tracking of political individuals of interest, police surveillance in the Xinjiang region, and corporate tracking of employees and customers,” the media outlet noted.

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