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Who’s the Most Vulnerable Democrat Senator in November? Ted Cruz Responds

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The mid-term elections are getting closer, and both Republicans and Democrats have their calculators in hand. Although the latter controls both legislative chambers, everything could change in November.

Senator Ted Cruz was enthusiastic about the elections and assured that he would travel around the country to support his candidates. In particular, he mentioned four races of vital importance to regain control of the Senate.

“The reason the senate is far less certain than the house is that we don’t have a great map this year. So republicans are defending more vulnerable seats than democrats are, and that just is the luck of the draw of who happens to be up. Because in the senate, only a third of the senators are up every two years. If you look at republican pickup opportunities, the four most natural are Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire,” remarked the legislator on Verdict, the podcast he hosts with Michael Knowles.

In the same way, within this group, he looked at one election in particular and listed it as the one most likely to fall to the Republicans.

“Adam Laxalt, uh, won the primary. I endorsed Adam. I campaigned with him. I think Adam is a great pickup opportunity if I were, in fact, I think Nevada Adam is the most likely republican pick-up this cycle because I think he’s done a good job of unifying the party. I think he’s running a good campaign. I think we’re gonna win in Nevada”, he added.

The Republican nominee for the Nevada Senate is the state’s former attorney general (2015-2019) and was co-chair of Donald Trump’s silver state campaign. Political life runs through his veins as he is the grandson of former Governor and Senator Paul Laxalt and the son of former Senator Pete Domenici.

Cruz went beyond words: he held a series of events in the last few days to support Laxalt in Nevada. Last Saturday, he gave a rally in which he assured that “Nevada is at the battleground for both. Nevada is the single best pickup opportunity for the republicans in the entire country. When we win Nevada, we will have a majority, and when we win the majority, we better use the damn majority.”

“Adam is a smart and principal conservative. He stood and fought to defend the constitution, he stood and fought to defend the bill of rights, and he will stand for the great people of Nevada”, he added about the candidate.

The former state attorney general will face Catherine Cortez Masto, who won her seat in 2016 by a margin of just 2.43%, some 27,000 votes. She is Harry Reid’s successor and was even considered by Joe Biden to be his running mate in 2020, which she ultimately ruled out.

While Nevada voted for both Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020, Republicans are hopeful about the possibility of winning Cortez Masto’s seat. Polls show an even scenario, with the difference between the two hovering in the poll’s margin of error.

Joaquín Núñez es licenciado en comunicación periodística por la Universidad Católica Argentina. Se especializa en el escenario internacional y en la política nacional norteamericana. Confeso hincha de Racing Club de Avellaneda. Contacto: [email protected] // Joaquín Núñez has a degree in journalistic communication from the Universidad Católica Argentina. He specializes in the international scene and national American politics. Confessed fan of Racing Club of Avellaneda. Contact: [email protected]

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