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Ted Cruz Meets Venezuelan Opposition Leader Machado: ‘The United States Must Continue to Support Venezuelans’

El senador Ted Cruz se reunió con María Corina Machado, coordinadora de Vente Venezuela

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“The United States must continue to stand with the people of Venezuela in their fight to restore democracy and the rule of law,” said Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who reported he had met with María Corina Machado, national coordinator of Vente Venezuela.

Cruz highlighted, in a message published on Twitter, that the conversation took place to discuss the political crisis in the South American country and pointed out that it is necessary for Venezuelans to recover freedom, and the rule of law.

María Corina Machado agreed with the Republican senator and thanked him for his support to Venezuelans in their struggle. She said that she hopes that the joint work will continue, not only to reestablish democracy in Venezuela, but also to strengthen freedom and security in the hemisphere.

Machado stressed that the regime of Nicolás Maduro is a threat to the countries of the region and assured that the senator shares her vision. “We share an understanding of the criminal nature of the Venezuelan regime, and the security threat it poses to our hemisphere,” the Venezuelan political leader wrote on her Twitter account.

María Corina Machado calls for greater international coordination

The main Venezuelan opposition leader has insisted on the need for the international community to take action to confront the Venezuelan regime. Three weeks ago she gave a speech before the United Nations, where she denounced the humanitarian crisis in her country. He described his nation as “another war zone”.

He compared the war in Ukraine with the crisis in Venezuela, specifically because of the alliances of Nicolás Maduro’s regime with other political regimes and with members of irregular groups and international terrorists.

“Today I am addressing you from another war zone: Venezuela. You have heard from courageous victims and human rights defenders about crimes against humanity. You have read the reports of the working groups themselves and of the UN Fact-Finding Mission; as well as you know the magnitude of the operation that has been deployed to block justice in my country,” Machado said.

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