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Telemundo’s Nacho Lozano Slammed for Fabricating ‘Facts’ about Rittenhouse Case

Medios liberales ya condenaron a Kyle Rittenhouse sin el veredicto de las cortes

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The verdict that acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse is causing outrage in a sector of American progressivism. Politicians, activists and liberal media are raising their collective voices to attack the jury, the judge and Rittenhouse, himself, with distorted analysis and falsehoods. The most recent example was signed by Telemundo anchor Nacho Lozano. Telemundo is one of the leading Hispanic media outlets in the United States.

Lozano, during a brief presentation of his program Hoy Día, decided to talk about the case that is attracting attention throughout the country. Lozado, of Mexican origin, adopted a sarcastic and mocking tone during the space. He began his analysis by saying that the 18-year-old was acquitted of all charges, but then fell into a moment of apparent confusion and went so far as to call Rittenhouse “guilty”. Lozano had to immediately retract it.

Telemundo journalist Nacho Lozano calls Kyle Rittenhouse “guilty” and then recants. He mocked the trial and the verdict. (YouTube).

After the first slip, he stated that “the relatives (…) got even angrier since the judge incredibly asked not to call the victims victims (…) Part of the prosecutors and the defense would have to call them, according to the judge’s vision, dead.”

The Telemundo anchor added sarcastically, “They just had to say not to play the victims because you crossed yourselves from the bullets of the defenders of others.”

To conclude his section, Lozano made the same mistake as much of the liberal American press, as he questioned, without any evidence, the jury’s verdict that determined that Rittenhouse only fired his gun because his life was in danger.

“He defended the estate of others, because his own was far from the scene. This brave man, armed with an assault rifle, defended an empty car lot, killed two in a town that was not his own — buying a lawsuit that did not belong to him — but it was in self-defense of someone else. Is that clear? Well, that’s how the trial turned out,” Lozano said.

The Telemundo anchor’s statements omit several facts presented during the trial that served as evidence to acquit Kyle Rittenhouse. Among them, he ignored that the young man was chased and did not shoot until his life was in danger, as admitted under oath by Gaige Grosskreutz, the third man the young man shot.

The claim that Rittenhouse traveled far from home also lacks context. In reality, the young man had a very active role in Kenosha, as many family members, including his dad, live in the city. He lives in Antioch, Illinois, which is just across the state line from Kenosha. The young man was helping to clean up the premises that suffered from the violent protests last summer. His testimony was verified, matched his self-defense argument, and the evidence was strong enough to acquit him.

Harsh criticism of Telemundo on Twitter and YouTube

After Telemundo posted the video on its YouTube channel, Lozano and the Hispanic news network received dozens of criticisms in the comments. Some called the anchor a “tabloid sensationalist” and also accused him of unprofessional presentation of the trial.

The Media Research Center, an organization dedicated to analyzing media content in the United States, published an article criticizing Nacho Lozano and Telemundo. Similarly, The director of the Media Research Center Latino (MRC Latino), Jorge Bonilla, harshly criticized via Twitter the Telemundo host insinuating that he could be the subject of a lawsuit by Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team.

“Here’s TelemundoNews’ entry into the #KyleRittenhouse Defamation Sweepstakes- courtesy of Nacho Lozano’s hot take on this morning’s edition of @hoydia,” Bonilla wrote on Twitter.

Also, MRC executive director Tim Graham accused Telemundo of being a news network just like the American liberal channels. “There’s a lot of Cheesy Nacho in this, but it’s not “News.” It’s like MSNBC en Espanol.”

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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