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Tennessee, Texas and Florida: Three States Where Most Americans Relocated in 2020


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According to U-Haul data on migration patterns, Tennessee and Texas ranked first and second in the moving rankings in 2020, a year characterized by the coronavirus pandemic.

Florida was the third state in 2020 where more people from other parts of the United States took up residence, two places lower than in 2019, when it was first. This data was obtained by U-Haul, a company that rents out vans for those who do their own move.

Florida has been among the top four states to move to for the past six years.

Austin, Texas, a city that stands out

According to a Fox News report, the Texas capital “is attracting corporate jobs and remote workers, who are attracted by low costs and taxes. In that sense, one thing has become very clear in recent days: high tax rates in the U.S. are benefiting states with lower tax burdens. Basically, businesses don’t want to produce to maintain expensive, populist Democrat policies.”

The case of Austin is the perfect example. The relocation of businesses into this city over the course of 2020 will create approximately 10,000 jobs. This number, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, is the highest number in the city in a single year.

Florida’s growing cities

“We are seeing consistent growth in the state (Florida) and, based on what we’ve seen over the last six years, more people are coming” to settle in the so-called Sunshine State, said Jeff Lockridge, U-Haul’s Media and Public Relations manager.

Lockridge said that Florida has five cities among the 25 fastest growing in the United States, and three of them in the top three: North Port, Kissimmee and Port St. Lucie, respectively.

North Port, in Sarasota County (west coast), located south of Tampa, offers easy access to the Gulf Coast and the I-75 interstate, while Kissimmee, in central Florida, is very close to Orlando, home to theme and leisure parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal.

He explained that the pattern of cities with the greatest growth is calculated from the net gain of U-Haul vans entering a city versus those leaving the city during the period of one year.

The migration trend data is compiled from more than two million transactions of U-Haul vehicle customers.

“People load up their U-Haul trucks and head to North Port because it’s an affordable place to live and it’s close to Fort Myers and Sarasota,” Dave Thompson, president of U-Haul Company of Western Florida, said in a statement today.

Thompson said he is not surprised that North Port is U-Haul’s “number one new growth city because the atmosphere is relaxed and it’s close to the beaches.”

In 2020, attention was drawn to the arrival in Florida of New Yorkers, who are increasingly settling there to escape not only the cold but also taxes and have a better quality of life.

The climate, security, business-friendly laws, affordability, high quality of living and the possibility of enjoying the sea all year round are reasons that weigh on their decisions.

The three states with the greatest domestic migration are governed by Republicans, and in those states the economy is growing because regulations and taxes are much lower compared to states ruled by Democrats, as is the case of California and New York, from where not only people are migrating, but big capital as well.

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