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Texas and Florida, Without Restrictions, Have Less Covid Cases than Locked-Down States

Texas y Florida, totalmente abiertos, informan menos casos que Michigan


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Texas and Florida have fewer cases of COVID-19 than Democratic-led Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York with tighter pandemic restrictions, according to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Republican governors were criticized when they began lifting restrictions. On March 2, Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted the order on mandatory use of facemasks. He also lifted all operating restrictions on restaurants and bars. Abbott maintained that he was taking the action as the vaccination campaign progressed.

“I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%,” said the governor when he made the announcement.

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CDC data indicates that Michigan has faced the worst COVID-19 positivity rates in recent weeks. The state reported 381.5 cases of the virus per 100,000 population in the past seven days. Meanwhile, New York has reported 321.8 cases per 100,000 in the same period; Pennsylvania 210 per 100,000 citizens. Meanwhile, Texas has a case rate of 68.3 cases per 100,000 population and Florida 180.9.

Texas and Florida
Texas and Florida governors eliminated restrictiosn as vaccination advances EFE/Giorgio Viera/Archivo

Governors and members of the Republican Party have advocated for lifting restrictions and opening up the economy as vaccination days progress. In September, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lifted all COVID restrictions on businesses, including restaurants and bars. He claimed, at the time, that cases had declined and allowed the state to enter the final phase of reopening. Subsequently, vaccination was initiated.

DeSantis has insisted that citizens maintain their freedom. In fact, this month he banned the use of vaccination passports in Florida. He considers this as limiting the freedom of Americans.

Texas and Florida have refused vaccine passports

Requiring people to provide all this evidence,” he said, “is not the way society gets back on track. “Which is why we are rejecting any vaccine passports here in the state of Florida.”

Americans want states like Texas and Florida

Likewise, well-known conservative celebrity Will Witt spoke with El American on Friday and argued that, in his view, all Democrats are working together to make life worse for Americans. He said that, meanwhile, other states like Florida or Texas are free. He described them as places where citizens can get on with their lives.

Witt highlighted that citizens in California are moving to other states escaping, among other things, restrictions that do not allow the economy to function. “There are a multitude of reasons, but, probably today, in 2021, it will be the shutdown of the state. People are sick and tired of seeing people in other states, free, while we remain locked up,” Witt said.