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Texas to Honor Latino Borinqueneer Veterans with Special License Plates

Borinqueneers, El American

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a bill that will honor Borinqueneer war veterans, mostly from Puerto Rico, with a license plate under the state’s meritorious military license plate statute.

Texas lawmakers approved House Bill 912, which will allow for the first special license plates honoring Borinqueneers nationwide. It was signed by Governor Abbott last June 9 and will go into effect on September 1, 2021.

With it, recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal on June 10, 2014, will be eligible to receive a free set of plates. In addition, if they meet the requirements, they will have a set of disabled veterans license plates, per the Texas license plate statute.

“These actions are intended to honor them for their honorable and resilient military service. This accomplishment came after six years of hard work by concerned veterans, citizens, members of DAV KEL-LAC Chapter #114 and Disabled Veterans of Cortez and Alliance Inc. led by Commander Luis A. Cortez,” reviewed the press release distribution service, PR Underground.

“Helping veterans and their families is not a one-man mission. This is the result of the hard work of many people, and it also shows that there are many politicians like Representative Dr. Philip Cortez and Senator Jose Menendez who care about veterans’ issues,” the commander said in the press release.

The Borinqueneers were the 65th Latino infantry regiment, mostly Puerto Rican, that served in World War I and World War II, as well as the Korean War, under the motto “Honor et Fidelitas” (Honor and Fidelity.)

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