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Texas Eliminates Regulations to Allow Unrestricted Carrying of Handguns

Texas elimina regulaciones para el libre porte de pistolas  / Greg Abbot

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The state of Texas has passed legislation allowing residents to freely carry pistols and revolvers without the need to obtain a license starting in September.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, signed the bill into law on Wednesday, which had been approved by the Legislature at the end of May.

The new regulation only applies to pistols and revolvers, since until now Texas already allowed the free carrying of long guns such as rifles and rifles without a license.

So far, in order to carry handguns in public, Texans had to obtain a license, register their fingerprints, participate in a training course and pass a written and a shooting test.

By eliminating all these requirements, Texas joins a score of states with similar laws in the United States.

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