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Poll: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Ahead of Potential Challenger Matthew McConaughey

Greg Abbott, El American

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A new poll indicated that Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, would hold a lead of just one percentage point over Texas actor Matthew McConaughey, who has only hinted at the possibility of entering the race for statewide office.

According to the poll, conducted by The Dallas Morning News in conjunction with the University of Texas at Tyler, 38% of registered voters in the large southern state would be willing to cast their vote for McConaughey, while 39% would re-elect Greg Abbott.

The latest results are a far cry from the same poll conducted in April, when McConaughey beat Abbott by 12 percentage points with a total of 45% to 33%.

The Oscar winner has been toying with the idea of running for governor of Texas for some time now, and has even discussed some of his positions. In a recent appearance on The Carlos Watson Show, the actor defined his intention to be governor as a “serious consideration,” while admitting that politics must “redefine its purpose.”

“I’m not interested in going in and putting up a bunch of band-aids that are then going to rip off as soon as I get out,” the Greenlight author said. “I’m interested in building something that can last and I’m gauging what category it falls into, but I don’t know if it’s politics.”

McConaughey has not yet confirmed his candidacy nor has he made public which party he would be willing to represent. However, the actor attracted majority support among Texas Democrats at 56%, compared to 15% support for Abbott among Democrats polled.

The case of Republicans is different: 69% would re-elect Abbott, while 22% would be willing to give McConaughey a chance. In addition, the actor also attracted a majority of independents, with 39% versus 26% who would vote for Abbott for another term.

In a recent post celebrating Independence Day, the Hollywood star expressed that the U.S. is still “going through puberty” compared to longer-lived nations, and the “growing pains” that entails.

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