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Governor Abbott Signs Law That Ban Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law Wednesday that prohibits teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools because it teaches that America is inherently, historically, and systematically racist.

The law states that no teacher may include in his or her classroom any theory that states that character is necessarily determined by race or sex. Similarly, it says that individuals should not feel guilty or take responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex.

Critical Race Theory in public schools

This is not the first anti-CRT law. In April, the Idaho House and Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the state’s educational institutions.

The legislation (HB 377) passed the Idaho House of Representatives by a 57-12 vote on Thursday, April 22; and the Senate by a 28-8 vote on Monday, April 27, after a historic debate considered one of the longest in the state’s history.