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‘The Batman’ Could Be 2022’s Biggest Blockbuster

"The Batman" será el nuevo fenómeno de las salas de cine americanas

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“The Batman” gathers the maximum expectation of the public willing to go to the theaters this Friday to see a film that aims to collect more than 100 million dollars in a single weekend.

The reinvention of the Batman universe also has a similar investment by Warner Bros, from where they have entrusted Matt Reeves to direct this film that aims to relaunch the DC Comics franchise.

The new Batman breaks stereotypes and presents the superhero now played by Robert Pattinson (“The Twilight Saga”) with a detective and realistic air.

It is an almost three hours long movie that mixes action and suspense under a plot that does not show the origins of the character, as “Batman Begins” did.

This time, the film follows a thirty-something Bruce Wayne (Batman’s real identity,) in his second year as a superhero, who still makes mistakes and is beginning to understand his role as protector of the city of Gotham.

“We’ve been making this movie for like three years, and (there’s been) the same level of interest the entire time. And now that it’s coming out people are still excited about it,” Pattinson acknowledged this week in an interview with EFE news agency.

After the success of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (Sony Pictures), “The Batman” will try to become at least the second highest-grossing film since the beginning of the pandemic.

In its debut weekend, however, “The Batman” will have to contend with “A Day to Die,” a critically acclaimed action film, which will be shown less widely, but which guarantees an entertaining story and a notable cast with Bruce Willis in the lead.

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