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The Battle of the Socialist Monarchs Against the Free Citizens

monarcas socialistas

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If history and science have taught us anything, it is that life always finds ways to develop and adapt to the changes produced by universal interactions. With biology we observe how living species transmute with the intention of surviving the vicissitudes of destiny, so the tadpoles evolved into stronger animals, and so did the monkeys on their way to rationalization.

Thousands of years ago, when houses, cars, electricity, markets, and languages did not exist, homo sapiens led hermit lives devoted to hunting and fishing as a way of sustenance, and as they did not have efficient communication mechanisms, they would give any approach of another individual by threat, and every encounter could end in a deadly battle.

The evolution was producing mechanisms of interaction, the necessity to help each other was creating structures of corporal language and later spoken that were allowing routes of open communication, then the man was settling down in small tribes with the purpose of working jointly by a common objective: the survival.

In those times when the man was grouped in small tribes to survive, they had to work many hours and even days just to get food, to go through whole forests in search of a prey, and three meals a day was not a rule as it is today in most societies, so they could spend several moons before their children ate a piece of meat, so life expectancy was much lower than today.

With the growth of tribes, social groups became more and more composed and offered different dynamics; man started specializing in labor and by exchanging goods he could supply his needs and those of his family in a simpler way and without so much sacrifice. Tribes became villages, villages became towns, towns became cities, cities became states and states became countries, all this of course, in an evolutionary process of centuries that has allowed us to reach the social forms we know today, with different currencies, cultures, languages, legal, political and economic systems, pushed by technological advances that today allow millions of people in the world to work and create value from their homes, something completely unthinkable until a few decades ago.

With the advent of industrialization in the eighteenth century, capitalism was introduced, an economic system that gradually and drastically increased the quality of life of millions of people. For the first time in the history of humanity, companies could become a vehicle of infinite wealth not only for their owners, but also for their employees. All this development and growth left the tribal collectivist systems in the past for logical and evident reasons, the strength of the individual was now the strength of the collectivity, the social fabric had to produce strong and self-sustainable men and women who through the exchange of goods would obtain their own sustenance.

With the passing of time, societies have been experiencing more and more changes, and where there are full freedoms and each individual finds the added value he can contribute to generate wealth for himself and his people, the quality of life of his members has improved; but elsewhere, this system of freedoms has been curtailed by rulers who consider them to be a kind of divine authority to which their citizen subjects must pay homage and obey in a medieval way.

History is loaded with errors that have allowed future generations to acquire knowledge to evolve, however, in recent decades have emerged anti-liberal ideological movements whose purpose is precisely to rewrite history to erase learning patterns and lead humanity to mono-thinking political systems where a governing body imposes an arbitrary law on the rest of society that must obey without any qualms; Those are the socialists, communists and progressives of today, who, entrenched in single-thinking collectivism, consider themselves to be a kind of gifted beings who have not only the duty but also the right to lead stupid societies made up of citizens who are unable to fend for themselves, and who need the intervention of the welfare state to get ahead.

Sadly, our societies, plagued by the Marxist indoctrination that has been implemented for decades, mostly consider that the path to servitude is the one that provides the greatest benefits to all, thus disregarding their own freedom and working to provide more and more power to the boot that crushes them, while smiling at the bag of food they have just been given.

The progressives – socialists – are not empathic beings who are moved by the care of the people, they are people who consider the rest of the population as their natural subjects, a foolish collective that they can manipulate to fulfill their objectives and thus appropriate the wealth of all the private ones to redirect it at their whim, taking a large portion for their pockets.

The socialists of today are the monarchs of the past, the great difference is that three hundred years ago these monarchs imposed their law by force, while accumulating all political and economic power in the hands of the monarchy; Today the monarch-socialist, also wants to accumulate all political and economic power, but no longer necessarily through force, now they do it through the “good intentions”, the redistribution of wealth, the “help to the poor”, so they fulfill their objectives of absolute domination without the need to enter into constant armed conflict with the population, while they put his hands in the pockets of citizens, especially on those who produce more, to supposedly “equal” the population.

If taking money from some to give to others really solved the structural problem of poverty, countries like Venezuela or Cuba would today be extremely rich and their citizens would enjoy a higher quality of life than the rest of humanity, but on the contrary, poverty in these countries has reached over 90%; Or going a little further, if giving money to the poor would lift people out of poverty, then Africa would be the richest continent on the planet, since for decades billions of dollars have been spent annually on economic aid to “alleviate” poverty, and all they have achieved is to impoverish Africans even more.

Every time the socialists ask for increased taxes, regulations, economic planning, they are actually telling you as an individual that you are not smart enough to take care of yourself, and therefore they must intervene to tell you how you should manage your money and your life. The larger the state, the more tasks it assigns itself, the smaller your civil and individual liberties.

Somehow it must be understood, this is not left against right, it is not socialism against capitalism, it is authoritarianism against freedoms. I invite you to be independent, to exercise your right to be autonomous and govern your life, do not allow others to plan your existence, the world will be a better place as you become a freer person.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American

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