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The Best Memes About Will Smith and Chris Rock at a ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Oscar Awards

Will Smith’s assault against Chris Rock has revived a seemingly dead Oscar Awards

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Everyone is talking about the Oscar Awards ceremony, but not because of cinematography — unless you count action movies — but because of Will Smith’s on-air assault against Chris Rock.

The Oscars seemed to be dead, especially after the Academy’s woke turn of events a few years ago. But Will Smith’s on-air assault against Rock has brought the ceremony back into the spotlight, even if not for cinematic reasons — well, let’s face it, the Oscars were becoming less about movies and more about politics.

Will Smith had a history of attempting to boycott the Oscars as he became one of the leading representatives of the complaints about the alleged under-inclusion and under-representation of black actors at the awards. It does not seem that resorting to violence and stealing the show was the best idea to break with the unfair stereotypes about his community, especially those associated with the Black Lives Matter protestors.

The Academy, Will Smith’s agent—no one would want to be in his shoes for a few months now—and the left will now have to launch a campaign to try to whitewash Will Smith’s intolerable aggression. In fact, they have already begun. There is a proliferation of comments on networks accusing Chris Rock of joking about something as sensitive as “female alopecia”—male alopecia still can’t find anyone to defend it.

Will they say that the Oscars were a “mostly peaceful” event?

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As we know, the left always invents aggrieved minorities and hate speeches to justify the violence they use to claim privileges: homophobia, transphobia… and now “allopathyphobia“?

These days are going to be very entertaining as we will see the left trying to justify Will Smith and victim shaming Chris Rock, who will probably end up being used as an example of the gender pay gap. After all, Chris Rock “received” much more than the female presenters of this gala. Can you imagine what the reactions would be if instead of Will Smith it had been, for example, Mel Gibson?

The best memes about the Oscar Awards 2022

“Will Smith when people sleep with his wife / When people joke about his wife”
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
Source: What I Meme to Say
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
mejores memes premios oscar will smith chris rock
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