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The Best Memes of the Week: Obama’s Birthday and COVID Hypocrisy

Mejores memes, El American


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The best memes of the week are marked by Barack Obama’s birthday party, but the government’s back-and-forth on mandatory vaccinations and other measures also continue to be a source of derision.

The best memes of Obama’s birthday party

Barack Obama wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday in style, although according to his Democratic coreligionists the rest of us mortals must live isolated in a basement and wearing a mask even to go to the shower.

At first, Obama announced a big party, then they tried to make it up by saying that he had decided to reduce the scale of it, but finally, a series of photos and information were leaked in which it seems that the celebration was typical of comedy movies about college fraternities.

mejores memes obama msm
Source: The Daily Wire
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Obama’s birthday party according to CNN: ‘A sophisticated vaccinated crowd”
mejores memes barack lies matter
Source: Grand Old Memes
best memes obamas party

The best memes of the Democrat double standard with the pandemic

The proverbial leftist double standard doesn’t just apply to birthday parties — I wish that’s all it was — but to absolutely everything in your daily life. It seems as if the measures against the pandemic do not have a healthy sense to try to keep the pandemic from getting worse, but rather as if they have a political sense to see how far people’s obedience can go.

mejores memes
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