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Does Biden’s ’30×30′ Plan Open the Door for Land Expropriation?

The Biden ’30×30′ plan has been criticized by agricultural landowners, as it could include expropriation or land grabbing under the claim of “protecting the environment”

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Biden’s ’30×30′ plan is being opposed by fifteen Republican governors who sent a joint letter to the President, highlighting their opposition to the plan, which they called “radical” for interfering with private property rights.

The letter states that it has been two months since the Democratic administration announced the plan and so far none of the signatory governors have received any information about its implementation.

The Biden ’30×30′ plan has been criticized by U.S. agricultural landowners, as it could include the expropriation of land grabbing under the claim of “protecting the environment.”

In the letter, the governors ask 12 questions, including, how will non-federal lands be acquired and managed, and what will be the process when someone objects to having their land and water rights taken away or restricted?

The governors added that the Biden-Harris administration should focus on better management of lands already controlled by the federal government, rather than on private property.

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“We are deeply concerned about any effort to expand the federal estate or further restrict the use of public lands in our states,” the missive states.

The governors charge that Biden’s order in Section 216 of the ’30×30′ plan is a “clear overreach of executive authority” that infringes on states’ sovereignty and citizens’ rights.”

“Congress determines land use policies for federal lands, while states are the only ones with regulatory authority to govern other lands within our states. Nowhere in our nation’s laws is congressional authority delegated to the president or executive agencies to unilaterally change policies governing land use in the United States. Section 216 of the Order appears to be a clear overreach of executive authority, infringing on states’ sovereignty and citizens’ rights. We cannot and will not allow this to happen,” the governors’ letter to Joe Biden says.

The governors are committed to ensuring optimal stewardship of both federal and state lands and assert that because they do not see “greater input into the initiative” in the plan, they are resisting the implementation of the Biden ’30×30′ program.

“We are committed to ensuring that all lands in our states are well managed, including providing abundant habitat for wildlife species. It is also our responsibility to ensure that certain federal lands, and all state lands, are used productively by our citizens to provide the food, fiber, energy and minerals our nation needs for a robust economy and our national defense. Precisely because we depend on our lands being available for future generations to enjoy and use, without further input into this initiative, we must resist the implementation of the 30×30 program,” the letter adds.

What is the Biden ’30×30′ plan?

After taking office as President of the United States, Biden signed an Executive Order on January 27 that directly affects land ownership.

It is known as the ’30×30′ plan because it would place 30% of U.S. land and 30% of U.S. waters under federal jurisdiction by 2030.

The targets signed by Biden do not specify the type of lands to be taken, nor do they explain whether they are agricultural lands or which ones would be within the administration’s mapping.

Nebraska Agriculture Director Steve Wellman expressed concern on the Agritalk radio program about the potential implications for the state’s agriculture.

“We’re concerned about being able to maintain that productivity and protect the personal property rights of landowners,” Wellman said.

On the other hand, an op-ed by attorney Karen Budd-Falen an active Future Farmers of America volunteer and columnist for the livestock media outlet Tri-State Livestock News called Biden’s plan “a slap in the face to America’s private property rights.”

“While there are many things in the Executive Order that concern me, what pains me most is the idea that the ownership, use of the private property and multiple uses of federal land (in Biden’s view) is the antithesis of protecting the land,” Budd-Falen said in his article published April 14.

“Biden’s plan is to acquire an additional 440 million acres by 2030. That’s more land than twice the size of Texas,” she said.

The attorney criticized Biden’s belief that only the federal government is capable of taking care of resources to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

“All of rural America and anyone who believes that local control of resources and that the American farmer and rancher is the backbone of this country should be alarmed at the idea that only the federal government, which owns the land in its “natural state,” can combat climate, climate change and biodiversity loss,” she finished.

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