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Biden Admin Sells Oil Reserves to Other Countries As U.S. Energy Crisis Worsens

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Americans are facing an unprecedented increase in gasoline prices. As of June 11, the price of gas per gallon in the United States reached $5, a record that occurred when the country is experiencing the highest inflation in 40 years.

According to the AAA, the average price of gas per gallon at the country’s gas stations that day was $5.004, a price never seen before.

Oil sales in the midst of crisis

Amid the situation, it was learned this Tuesday that the Biden Administration is selling U.S. reserve oil to other countries. The information was released by Reuters, which detailed that “more than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic president has opted to pressure gasoline companies to lower prices. “My message is simple. To the companies running gas stations… bring down the price you are charging at the pump … Do it now. Do it today.”

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