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The Biden Foreign Policy: Same People, Same Process, Same Outcomes

Buckle up because the same people, same processes, and same policies that gave us a disastrous foreign policy are back in town, and it will surely be a heck of a ride.

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In 2019, Antony Blinken, then a Trump antagonist, Twitter personality, and Biden-campaign cheerleader wrote in a New York Times op-ed that former President Trump had “no people,” “no process,” and “no policy.” I recall asking myself, “what does this even mean?” It was clear then that Trump’s America First agenda, his strong hatred for endless wars were the main forces that drove his administration.

After 46 days of a Biden administration, we now know what Blinken meant: Biden, when elected, would bring the same people, the same process, and same policy of those aristocrats of the disastrous Obama-Biden years that ignored the needs of the American middle class, and prioritized global wars that have little to no impact on the American population.  

Biden has quickly abandoned an agenda that puts America first. What were Biden’s first actions as President? The list is quite troubling and among other unwise actions, we have a symbolic amnesty bill that is likely to never become law, a freeze of a Trump-era regulation that lowered drug prices, a pledge to increase the number of refugees that have been displaced as a result of the wars that Biden as Senator and VP supported, and last but not least an airstrike order against Syria.

We were naïve to assume that reaching a compromise on the minimum wage or getting much-needed COVID relief would be on the top of his priorities.

For four years, Blinken and Biden accused the Trump administration of recklessly dismissing traditions, not listening to the experts, and appeasing dictators. Ironically, it is Biden who has started to dismantle the Trump Doctrine that has effectively worked against dictators in Latin America. It is Biden who has opened diplomatic relations with Cuba, despite their constant suppression of the Cuban people. It is Biden who has decided to not sanction Saudi Crown Prince MBS for his role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, despite previously asserting he would do so.

Not only that, but it is Biden who has promised he would reenter the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, after initially refusing to speak with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, our strongest ally in the region. Likewise, it is Biden who allowed China to militarize the South China Sea.

There was a time when our NATO allies were taking advantage of our tax dollars and relied heavily on the American military for their security. Trump successfully forced our allies to increase their spending, and as of November 2020, our allies increased their spending by $50 billion.

The burden of protecting northern Syria and Afghanistan was lifted off our American troops in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Trump’s recognition of Juan Guaidó as the interim president of Venezuela, led other Latin American countries to do the same, delivering a major blow to the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro. Over the course of the last presidency, the Trump administration kept the U.S. out of new foreign wars, no countries were invaded, our soldiers came back home, and most importantly America was prioritized.

To cite Mr. Blinken himself quoting late Senator John McCain, it is always darkest before it goes completely dark. With Trump out of the White House, our darkest days lay ahead. Buckle up because the same people, same processes, and same policies that gave us, the power vacuum in the Middle East that led to the rise of ISIS, the 2009 failed “surge” in Afghanistan, the 2011 invasion of Libya, the 2012 unforced “red line” in Syria, and 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea are back in town, and it will surely be a heck of a ride.

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