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The Case for a Hunter Biden Indictment Even in Election Season

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Thursday’s reporting that the federal probe into Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings is finally nearing “a critical juncture” created a lot of buzz, and rightfully so. Hunter Biden has gotten away with potential unlawful conduct that would have placed any average American behind bars. But does this mean that federal prosecutors are finally indicting Hunter with appropriate charges? Perhaps not and the reason is rather ludicrous.

The question is not whether Hunter allegedly violated federal law with his business dealings in China, plotted money laundering schemes, or violated tax and lobbying regulations. Instead, the prosecutors are analyzing if potential charges against Hunter Biden could tilt the 2022 midterm elections against Democrats, citing DOJ protocol of not pursuing charges of politically involved individuals.

Where were these protections when former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was charged — ahead of the midterm elections of 2018 — with criminal tax evasion and campaign finance violence (none of which were ordered by Trump)? Or how about when federal prosecutors wanted to execute a search warrant against former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani — ahead of the presidential election of 2020 — but were discouraged by the Trump officials.

Peter Navarro, former Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy in the Trump administration, was just indicted for his “refusal to comply with a subpoena issued” by the partisan hacks of the J6 committee. Steve Bannon —former Trump adviser and conservative commentator— is similarly on trial facing contempt of Congress charges for not complying with the Draconian orders of the J6 committee. Where were these protections for these individuals? The midterm elections of 2022 are just around the corner. It sounds like a perfect example of rules for thee but for me.

It will be a sad day for the nation if these investigators refuse to prosecute Hunter. But one has to admit that it wouldn’t be surprising. Joe and Hunter Biden enjoy protections like no one else in this country.

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