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The Dissident #6: How Joe Biden Caused the Migration Crisis

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The U.S. southern border has given in to chaos; lawlessness is running amok and coyotes rule the zone. Human traffickers’ pockets are only getting bigger and Biden says “I’ll deal with that at some point”. Meanwhile, secretary Mayorkas negates the migration crisis. 

Fox News reported US-Mexico border traffickers made $14M a day throughout february. That means: the kidnapping, killing and prostitution of migrants are high-profit businesses in Biden’s America.

But as human trafficking profits spikes, so are taxpayer costs for the border crisis. But, for what is that money being used? Is the border patrol receiving more funds? Is ICE infrastructure getting improved? Are human traffickers being arrested and put to justice? Is Mexico being held accountable for allowing this type of criminal activity?

Last week, the Biden administration granted almost $90 million for hotel rooms to hold 1,200 migrant families as the crisis surpasses ICE holding capacity. So, no. That’s not happening.

border, us, border crisis, migration, illegal immigration, biden
Human smugglers and cartels rule the border, making the border crisis, a humanitarian crisis. (Jorge Ventura, Twitter)

In fact, the worst numbers that can go up, are going up.

A Border Patrol commander working at the sector where human smuggling is most active says his agents apprehended more than 34,000 migrants in March. That’s just in one sector in one month.

In January, Customs and Border Protection revealed, U.S. immigration authorities made 78,000 arrests at the southern border. This figure was the highest recorded by immigration authorities in more than a decade. The demands are much higher than what the system can take.

And what’s going to happen when border authorities can no longer resist these tides? What’s the Biden administration planning on doing to solve this migration crisis?

Because that is one of the main questions: having repealed part of the most important policies that helped to somehow organize the migration flows, what’s the plan now? “Just keep saying no until they stop trying to enter the US”? 

That’s frankly stupid.

Another important question that should be asked is if the American system can take that many hits. Biden’s government has proved the American political system has many loopholes and not only oligarchs have taken advantage of them, but they also allow regular people that had to leave their country of origin to do so.

They’re not building a revolution. They’re not trying to destroy American democracy. They’re just trying to cross the border and by doing that, they’re causing one of the biggest crises the US has seen in its most recent years. 

The steps of migrants created a National Security crisis to the American system. Why? Because Biden’s government has rejected law enforcement and order.

biden, border, immigration, illegal immigration, border crisis
Thousands of migrants cross the border while Joe Biden refuses to act. (Jorge Ventura, Twitter)

People fleeing Banana Republics and trying to enter the US have proved the US Border has become a “Banana Border” under Biden.

Not because ICE is selling fruits, but because instability is the only certainty at the border. Crime has taken over and cartels are sovereign. 

In Banana Republics, like the one I fled, it is the strongest, the one who rules.

And the strongest is not necessarily the best, or the ideal. It’s just that: the one that can impose its order over others, and chaos, can also be another type of order. Hence, what’s happening right now. Cartels are the strongest, therefore, they rule.

This is a great example of what happens when oligarchs and delusional people wield power not to create order and prosperity, but to give a free-pass to law-breaking. And once you give a free-pass to crime, you’ll always have to give one. That’s just how it works!

What will Biden do at the border? Nobody knows.

What we all know for a fact is that cartels will still run the area and make millions off the situation. Migrants will overflow the system and thousands of others will either die, be trafficked and their families torn apart, while law enforcement fades away as Biden voters sing creepy and cheap musical songs.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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