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The Dissident #8: Black Lives Matter Has Become a Woke Militia

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Derek Chauvin has been sentenced for the murder of George Floyd. But amidst all that mudslinging, it was Maxine Waters who stood out the most by threatening to radicalize Black Lives Matter (BLM) in the street, should she get the opposite result.

With this, Waters said something between the lines that many have thought that: Black Lives Matter acts as the establishment’s militia woke.

Let’s look, then, at BLM’s behaviors more closely to better understand.

One book that can help us understand why Black Lives Matter behaves like a guerrilla or militia is the Urban Guerrilla Manual by the Brazilian terrorist, Carlos Marighella.

In this case, we should take this manual as a moral and ethical model for revolutionary movements.

Carlos Marighella was an extreme left-wing Brazilian terrorist, father of the communist armed struggle in the country. (Rede Brasil Atual)

Marighella justifies revolutionary action as an unquestionable duty because he opposes an enemy he considers worse than Lucifer himself.

Just like him, Black Lives Matter uses an absolute concept: that of systematic racism as a blank check to destroy the system and create a new one where they rule.

But Marighella also says that violence is justified, and that being called “violent” is actually an honor.

And what does Black Lives Matter think about that?

Well, Ariel Atkins, leader of the organization in Chicago went so far as to say that looting businesses was a form of “reparations.”

Also, the Washington Post wrote that BLM’s violence cannot be condemned because Martin Luther King Jr. advocated it.

According to Marighella, “guerrillas inflict systematic harm on the authorities and the men who wield power.” In other words, the system is the demonic enemy to be defeated.

In this same way Black Lives Matter publicly threatens to destroy the United States.

Hawk Newsome, one of its leaders, threatened to “burn it all down” if they don’t get what they want.

And what do they want? More white people kneeling and begging for forgiveness for existing? We would like to know.

“The guerrilla,” Marighella also said, “defends a just cause, which is the cause of the people.”

This, of course, does not mean that the struggle of the revolutionary is a struggle for the people.

BLM says their fight is the people’s fight, but they burn down entire cities and loot innocent businesses (Flickr)

On the contrary, the lesson of this phrase is that the revolutionary must convince that he is fighting for the people, when he is not.

BLM has always claimed that their cause, that of ending the U.S., is “the cause of the people.”

To them it doesn’t matter what Americans really want. If Black Lives Matter says so, “the people say so.”

Marighella also teaches in his manual that “the guerrilla’s life depends on shooting,” that is, on his ability to handle all weapons well.

For BLM it is as important to execute revolts as it is to harness propaganda, and in both activities, they are very good.

In fact, Marighella recommends creating propaganda that makes the action the message itself, and that the postscript is to dissuade anyone “from going against the revolutionaries.”

Thus, we see Black Lives Matter setting entire cities on fire and looting businesses to tell people: if you oppose us, we’ll do the same to your house or your business.

Looting and burning cities for an entire year makes BLM’s message terrifyingly present. “If you stand in our way, we will destroy you.”

But unlike the urban guerrilla of old, BLM doesn’t need popular support because it already has political and corporate support, which makes the American citizen his main enemy. In the end, they have looted his businesses, besieged his homes, destroyed his streets, and burned down his cities.

And this is the same in Venezuela. Chavismo’s so-called “colectivos” are communist paramilitaries better armed than the Army and are financed by Chavismo with the objective of subjugating or killing innocent Venezuelans.

In fact, we can say that Black Lives Matter has more in common with the chavismo “colectivos” than it does with the civil rights movement that ended racial segregation: both are directly funded by the system, both persecute the citizens of their countries, and both have killed innocents.

If we connect the dots, we see that rather than a movement, BLM acts as a militia that subjugates the population to the Woke America project.

The subjugation is such that one juror in the Chauvin trial said she made her decision because she “did not want to go through rioting”

In addition, she said she “was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

Citizens are now afraid to even speak out because they feel BLM will set the country on fire again. That doesn’t happen in democracies. That happens in countries where a revolution has come.

Maxine Waters told the world that BLM will be a threat to American lives if they don’t comply with her wishes.

Who knows what she will demand next?

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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