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The Dissident #7: Biden’s Revolution Starts with the Second Amendment

The Dissident #7: la revolución de Biden comienza por las armas

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For Biden there is no absolute amendment, no absolute constitution: the only absolute is the revolution he is leading.

Recently, Biden announced new gun control measures. He enacted new anti-Second Amendment regulations and proposed others, such as a ban on assault rifles.

He also supported the elimination of “legal immunity” for gun manufacturers and prioritized it as his most important legislation.

The president said that “gun violence in this country is an epidemic.” Actually, criminal gangs, gangsters and the underworld are. But no…saying such things would be racist.

International organized crime like MS-13, the Mexican cartels that control the border, those are not an epidemic. guns are! That’s some good logics!

In Biden’s revolution, organized crime is not an epidemic, but the guns of American families. (Image: Flickr)

Biden also said that the, quote-unquote, “gun violence” is an international embarrassment to the United States.

Really, that’s an embarrassment and not that China is spitting in the face of American diplomacy? “Gun violence,” which is an artistic concept of the globalists, and not that they are paying genital mutilation to their own soldiers?

What is shameful is how they lie to the American public. They are not imposing gun control because they want to protect the people, they want to impose it so they can’t defend themselves from politicians and the organized crime they foster.

Taking away the right of citizens to keep and bear arms is taking away their right to defend their lives, their families and their nation.

What defines a nation, really, is its ability to defend itself. That is sovereignty. And Biden, by wanting to take guns away from Americans, seeks to destroy American sovereignty.

Not only that, but he lies in the middle of the road. Guns are not to blame for the violence that is growing in America’s largest cities, criminals are.

Without guns, American families will not be able to defend themselves against oligarchies and organized crime. That is the proposal of the Biden revolution. (Image: Flickr)

These criminals are being pursued by the very police officers that Black Lives Matter (BLM) wants to defund and abolish.

Last year, during the Black Lives Matter riots, a married couple defended their home with guns. None of the hyenas touched a hair on the couple’s head or knocked a single brick off their house. Ask yourself why.

But why do they want to take guns away from citizens and not from criminals? that violence is exercised only by bad men.

Parents don’t go around shooting people like madmen. No. It is the criminal who kills, who steals, who is a member of a gang, who commits the crime.

I repeat: they want to take away people’s guns because that way Americans will not be able to defend themselves from the oligarchy that is occupying the White House.

As a Venezuelan, I can confirm: without guns, totalitarianism will kick you and your children in the face and you will not be able to do anything about it.

For the globalists, the right to self-defense is not absolute, because order is not absolute, because sovereignty is not absolute. For them, the nation is not an absolute, in fact, it is an obstacle to be removed, a stain to be removed. The only way to remove that obstacle is to disarm all those who think otherwise.

Biden’s revolution has not suffered heavy opposition, putting Americans’ freedom at risk. (Image: Flickr)

Without weapons, your life, your family and your country are prey to oligarchies like the one installed in Washington. In the case of the American Globalist Empire, the weapons with which families defend themselves are forbidden, but the weapons with which they bomb countries in the Middle East are medals of honor.

Defending against criminals, oligarchs and dictators is crime, but creating eternal wars is democracy. “Protect your home? No! Bomb Syrian homes? Yes!”

That logic is too dangerous. Biden is leading one of the most terrible revolutions in contemporary history because he is doing it with as little conflict as possible.

We can say that an anarcho-tyranny, as Sam Francis called it, has been established where autocrats persecute citizens and let criminals go free.

To take away the arms of the population is to declare a political persecution against the whole country. The worst revolutions have done exactly that, but in America they want to take guns away from citizens while their woke military monopolizes firepower, criminals kill more innocents, and China educates American children.

Another day in Woke America.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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