The End of Abortion, Lindsey Graham, and Merrick Garland

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Happy Friday! Once again—here are the news of the day!

Democrats—Yet Again—Fail on Abortion. Seemingly, the DNC read my Editor’s Note from last week, where I called on political parties to stop relying on an activist Supreme Court to pass on legislative (or political) agenda. In a now-failed attempt to codify Roe v. Wade to U.S. law, Democrats proved they simply do know how to legislate. Instead of trying to pass what-some-considered moderate abortion laws, they tried to expand federal abortion laws. For this reason, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) rejected this proposal, proving—once again—that Democrats are doomed to fail.

VP Kamala Harris rushed to say the vote against the legislation was a disservice to democracy as if the Senate—elected by the people—wasn’t the ultimate representation of the people’s will.

Can Lindsey Graham Be Trusted? In yet another anti-Trump book, NYT‘s “reporters” Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns claimed (confirmed by audio recordings) that Sen. Graham (R-SC) bashed Trump on Jan. 6. The controversy on social media, as one would expect, consists of whether Graham is a true Trump supporter. One cannot help but wonder why would these reporters not release these audios—let’s say—last year? These individuals purposely held on to these hit pieces to make profits off juicy gossip and the Trump name. Shame on the New York Times, Martin, and Burns.

Impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland. El American never shies away from standing up to the abuse of power and the negligence of our elected officials (less than one year ago, I called on Biden to resign). Similarly, in a fiery op-ed, our columnist Lawrence W. Reed makes the case for the impeachment of our nation’s attorney general for, among other things, refusing to prosecute those who are rioting and threatening the lives of our SCOTUS justices.

We would never, of course, stoop so low to insult people in the style of Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s “impeach that motherf**ker.”

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“2000 Mules” and Stealing 2020. It is undeniably true that something was wrong with the 2020 election. From Mark Zuckerberg’s millions to infiltrate our electoral process (as I warned in 2021) to the mass mailing of paper ballots, the list of electoral discrepancies is endless. Fortunately, Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules movie exposes the illegal practice of ballot harvesting.

President Trump recently spoke out against the wave of “fact-checkers” and called on the country to watch the movie. The work of D’Souza and Phill Kline—who had filed numerous lawsuits in the name of election integrity—is of utter importance and should transcend partisan politics.

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