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The Harsh Truth of the Russo-Ukrainian War

At this point, you’ve probably already heard the news: that the U.S. Congress voted to send $40 billion to Ukraine. That is on top of the other $14 billion the U.S. Congress had already approved for the Eastern European nation.

Adding those aid packages, the U.S. is spending more money on the Russo-Ukrainian War, than they spent per year on average on the Afghanistan War. But is Ukraine the new Afghanistan? It remains to be seen.

Members of Congress seemed eager to vote yes to send a massive amount of tax-payer money to this foreign nation. Every single Democrat voted for the bill, and all but 57 Republicans agreed with the Democrats as well.

More Aid to Ukraine

Politicians and a lot of the mouthpieces in the mainstream media seem to be more concerned with feeding the war machine than they are with the problems at home. Americans are expressing their criticism online, and they have gotten some snarky responses back.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) defended his “yes” vote via Twitter saying: “Yeah, because investing in the destruction of our adversary’s military, without losing a single American troop, strikes me as a good idea. You should feel the same.”

Conservative commentator Douglas Karr responded to Crenshaw saying: “You warmongers are out of touch with Americans. We don’t want your proxy war and making your defense contractors rich. We want our tax money used effectively at home.”

Election Wizard, a right-wing account with over 300 thousand followers responded to the whole ordeal by saying “Some days I’m not sure who I loath more: Dan Crenshaw or Nancy Pelosi.

Both are equally insufferable.

Both use left-wing tactics to smear the right.

The GOP’s Internal Divide: Who’s Right?

The United States has had the highest inflation since 1982; the national debt just hit a record high of $30 trillion; 80% of all U.S. dollars in existence have been printed in the last two years; and the nation is facing a baby formula crisis, which is leaving many parents scared for their newborn children. However, some commentators and politicians think that sending 54 billion dollars of taxpayer money to Ukraine will not affect any of that. 

Fox News host Mark Levin tweeted “1. For the Putin ass-kissers out there who say why don’t we focus on the baby formula crisis rather than Ukraine, the baby formula problem pre-dates the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And it’s not about federal funding but government incompetence. Damn fools.”

There seems to be a noticeable disagreement between both GOP elected officials and conservatives.

On the other side of Dan Crenshaw, we have GOP Senator Rand Paul (KY).

Why is it that some politicians, most Republicans and apparently all-Democrat House Reps. think it sensible and reasonable to send this massive aid package at a moment when the U.S. economy is clearly suffering? Perhaps it has something to do with the narrative that this is not a fool’s errand. That Ukraine is winning, and that if it came down to it, the US would wipe the floor with Russia. 

U.S. Senators like Jim Risch (R-ID) have said that the U.S. would “dominate” Russian troops. The Idaho politician also said that Russia had demonstrated the most pathetic ineptness in this war with Ukraine. 

U.S. politicians need a little more humility, especially after the massive humiliation that the U.S. military—led by Biden—faced in Afghanistan.

Is Ukraine Really Winning the War?

The narrative so far peddled by the mainstream news and many American politicians is that Ukraine is winning because of its valiant effort against the Russian army. We have been told that Russia already lost. This is the kind of narrative that is used to justify the U.S. and NATO getting more and more involved in the war. The narrative that Ukraine is winning seems to be the pretext to send billions of dollars to this nation.

The reality, however, is that Ukraine is not winning this; and to point this out does not make anyone a “Russian apologist.”

The New York Times reported the testimony of Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines — who on May 10 spoke before the Senate Armed Services Committee — saying that Vladimir Putin has not retreated from a single objective in Ukraine. That’s quite a contrast with what we have been hearing that paint Russia as inept. 

Haines affirms that Russia’s goals in the war remain “expansive”; that Russia believes they are winning, and that they are achieving their objectives. It appears Russian forces are successfully creating a land bridge across Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. The Russian objective at the present time is to encircle the Ukrainian army in the Donbas and basically crush it.

Recently it was reported that the Ukrainian attempt to take back Snake Island in the Black Sea was a massive military failure. There was also a shift to the Russian Ruble in the Ukrainian city of Kerson that could signal the consolidation of Russian control, according to reports by The Washington Post. And of course, we cannot forget Mariupol, where Russia continues to tighten its control.

Stop believing the narrative that the Russian Army is inept and that the Ukrainians will win this, this will merely result in more Ukrainian lives being lost. We need to be able to face reality, stop bankrupting the American economy in the process, and lining the pockets of politicians who are profiting from the war machine.

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