El idiota de la semana: Évian, The Idiot of the Week: Évian

The Idiot of the Week: Évian

Évian becomes El American’s Idiot of the Week, for a tweet posted last Tuesday.

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French water brand Évian becomes El American‘s Idiot of the Week for a tweet posted last Tuesday.

On Tuesday, April 13, shortly after noon, the well-known French water brand Évian posted a message on Twitter asking for retweets from those who had “already drunk 1 liter of water today,” the recommended amount for proper hydration.

First tweet posted by Évian. (Twitter)

This innocuous message sparked the ire of many French-speaking Muslims, who were highly offended by the tweet, due to the fact that just that same day began the month of Ramadan.

During the month of Ramadan, between sunrise and sunset, Muslims are required to observe an obligatory fast. This abstinence includes food, water and sex. Évian’s tweet offended some religious Muslims deeply, yet, this didn’t refrain many extremists from “fucking” despite the sex ban, and started whining because of “Islamophobic” provocation.

For several hours the topic became trending topic in France and generated controversy where there shouldn’t be any. The Idiot of the Week award should have gone to the Muslims who were offended by this, but we understand that they were in a worse mood than they are used to due to lack of food, water and sex.

The Idiot of the Week award, however, goes to Évian for posting, six hours after their original tweet, another one… in which they apologized!

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Évian’s second tweet. (Twitter)

If the threats behind the aquatic tweet had come from chronic kidney patients -who have to undergo dialysis and have to restrict their water consumption- no one would have taken them seriously. First, because taking offense at that is ridiculous and, second, because kidney patients don’t usually follow through on their threats.

We are witnessing live the renunciation of the defense of a fundamental value of Western civilization: freedom of expression.

The apology tweet is the sign of the West’s surrender to religious fundamentalism. A minority tries to impose its way of life and way of thinking on the rest, and when they do not do so by means of victimization, as in this case, they resort directly to threats and violence.

The French have seen how several workers of the Charlie Hebdo magazine were murdered for some caricatures of Mohammed; they have endured the execution of a high school teacher for showing them during a class; they have mourned 130 dead in the Bataclan concert hall; they have seen dozens of churches burned, and also their streets burned during countless riots.

All this always at the hands of the same misfits who see offenses and grievances even in a tweet about drinking water. And Évian goes and asks for forgiveness, lest they think they are Islamophobes.

What Évian has done is to succumb like a child who is beaten and robbed of his breakfast at recess, and on top of that he asks for forgiveness because the sandwich was too salty for the exquisite taste of the school bully.

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