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The Idiot of the Week: Stephen King

It’s very likely that no one from the left will make the slightest criticism of Stephen King for this misogynistic and classist attack

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Prolific writer Stephen King has once again displayed his incontinence at the keyboard on Twitter. This time, on the occasion of Kayleigh McEnany’s dismissal as White House Press Secretary, he has taunted her by telling her to “enjoy her next job as a cocktail waitress in Tampa.”

Stephen King is a fervent Progressive and avowed Democrat. Before publicly supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy, King campaigned for the very feminist Elizabeth Warren during the Democratic primaries.

King’s scariest writings are those about politics. He never misses an opportunity to please his fellow leftists and to prove that he is the most feminist, the most anti-gun, the most “whatever,” which enthrones him as the king of Progressive literati.

He went so far as to criticize Stanley Kubrick for his adaptation of his novel The Shining, accusing him that his portrayal of the character of Wendy was “one of the most misogynistic characters ever put on film. She’s just standing there screaming and being stupid. And that’s not the woman I wrote about.”

Famed writer Stephen King used his Twitter account to attack the former White House Press Secretary. (Facebook)

Now King is coming out swinging with these statements that, made by anyone other than an icon of the American left, would be considered misogynistic and classist. Indeed, it is common for Democrats to fiercely disqualify those who dare question Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for her meteoric rise from waitress to Congresswoman.

Apparently, to King and Progressives this is only sexist and condescending if used in an upward direction. If it is downward, it magically – something King is so fond of – ceases to be objectionable. It is very likely that no one from the left, his left, will make the slightest criticism of King for this misogynistic and class-warfare attack. After all, poor Kayleigh has committed the unforgivable sin of being a Republican woman.

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While we may be crowning Stephen King king of idiots this week, he’s actually a pretty smart guy. Like Pennywise, the clown, King thinks he is invulnerable and immune, in this case from criticism by the left.

He is aware that to his Progressive courtiers, a woman will only be considered a woman if she is a leftist. And that Tampa waitresses are only heroines of the proletariat if they refuse to work for hateful Republicans, or serve drinks to dangerous right-wingers.

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