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The Importance of Grassroots Conservatives

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview Maya Flores, a Republican candidate running in Texas’s 34th Congressional District. She is not your average boring candidate, but a young, bilingual firecracker and a grassroots conservative. She is also married to a border patrol agent. 

This is not your typical candidate profile. Especially in a state such as Texas, where any young woman with her background is automatically be assumed to be a Democrat. 

She is anything but that and her recent campaign ad makes exactly that point. She is pro-life, pro-borders, and pro-America, shattering the stereotype that the Spanish-speaking media constantly berates voters and their audience with. The stereotype being that Hispanics must be Democrats. 

If Flores were a Democrat, she would be on the cover of women’s fashion magazines, but because she is a conservative, she is ignored. This is a common tactic of the left. Ignore people who challenge your narrative and your ability to control. 

That is exactly why someone like Flores is needed in Congress. To balance the status quo, and given that the current incumbent is leaving, we may just see her in congress in 2022. To find more information about her head to her campaign website.

Anna Paulina is Chief Correspondent for El American English. Prior to joining the organization in 2021, she worked as Hispanic Outreach Director for Turning Point USA and a producer for the PragerU series Americanos. She is also the host of Luna Talks on iHeart Radio. // Anna Paulina es la corresponsal en Jefe de El American en inglés. Antes de sumarse al equipo en 2021, trabajó en Turning Point USA. También produjo la serie Americanos para Prager U. Es la host de Luna Talks en iHeartRadio.

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