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‘The Last Night’ Video Game May Be Released in 2022, Despite ‘Woke’ Feminist Attacks

the last night, el videojuego

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The video game The Last Night was presented in 2017, generating great expectation for its release in 2018. But some old tweets from its creator, Tim Soret, aroused the ire of left-wing feminists, leaving the video game on the verge of cancellation. Now we know that it could finally be released in 2022.

The trailer for this cyberpunk video game—which mixes 2D pixel art characters in three-dimensional environments—left gamers jaw-dropped and impatient for its release in 2017, but woke feminism used tweets by Tim Soret in 2014 to attack it, causing it to lose many of the financial backers it had been counting on.

In the tweets, Tim Soret explained that the story would take place in a dystopian future where modern feminism would be the prevailing ideology, instead of a social order based on equality before the law. This was reason enough for feminists to turn this game into the umpteenth victim of the cancel culture.

the last night, el videojuego
Screenshot of the posts that spur controversy

Now, after four years without news about the development status of the game, and with rumors of a possible announcement during The Game Awards on December 10, Tim Soret has broken his silence.

Tim Soret, creator of The Last Night, breaks his silence

Speaking to PC Gamer magazine, Tim Soret denied this possibility, assuring that it was “just a rumor”, but added that “The Last Night will be revealed next year, not before”, raising hopes that the game will finally be released despite the attacks suffered. 

Tim Soret declined to give a specific release date, claiming that “I have no intention of making any announcements at this time, especially given the pressure it would add to my small team,” but assured that “we have been growing and maturing tremendously as a young independent team” and “we are confidently building The Last Night brick by brick, taking our time to carefully design, document and implement every part of the game, from evolving our visual style for the next generation, to designing dozens of accessibility options.”

Despite the restraint in his statements, the fact that he mentioned 2022 as a tentative year for its release has unleashed the enthusiasm of gamers, who are confident that the video game will end up being published and will fulfill expectations in terms of quality and innovation, not only in the technical section, but also at a narrative level, as it promised to break out of the single line of thinking that seems to dominate the industry. 

“What we know is that for the return of The Last Night in 2022, we intend to blow everyone away with the strength and originality of our proposal,” asserted Tim Soret. We will have to wait until 2022 to find out if its creator has finally bowed to the pressures of the left, or if he will maintain his original vision of showing a dystopian future—not so far from today’s reality—of a world under the yoke of radical feminism.

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