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How Woke Culture Ruined ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

The Matrix 4 Lana Wachowski

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Almost 23 years after 1999’s groundbreaking The Matrix, The Matrix Resurrections has just been released, both theatrically and on HBO Max. The original film not only took the box office by storm but also had a huge influence on pop culture, becoming a cult film and causing many people to rethink reality, as happened to its protagonist Neo during the story. However, The Matrix Resurrections has been a resounding commercial failure and has not had the slightest impact on the collective imagination.

As usual with movie franchises that surrender to the woke culture, The Matrix Resurrections has not managed to engage the “woke” audience it was intended to appeal to, and has also offended the fans of the original film.

As is often the case, the failure of The Matrix Resurrections is attributed to the pandemic and alleged boycott by toxic fans, who are accused of not understanding the film because of their toxic masculinity and ultra-right-wing tendencies. We don’t know how much longer production company shareholders will continue to believe in this scapegoating, without recognizing that the quality of the works is greatly affected by the ideology and political agenda of their creators.

The first half of The Matrix Resurrections feels like a boring “making of” documentary trying to justify why a new film in the saga has been made two decades later. In fact, it looks like a Saturday Night Live-style parody sketch featuring meetings of the most hipster, diverse and inclusive screenwriters and producers imaginable, discussing how they would tackle a new Matrix story adapted to the new century, the hegemonic woke culture and the new sensibilities it has ushered in. It would be hilarious if it weren’t for the seriousness of it.

After this beginning in which they dedicate themselves to insult the public that was eager for its premiere, mocking them accusing them of being easily manipulated consumerists, and of having more popcorn in their stomachs than neurons in their brains, the second half of the film becomes a pamphlet of gender ideology in which they lecture the public in a condescending way, trying to make them believe that the true meaning of leaving the Matrix is to change gender or, at least, to become a radical feminist.

It should be remembered that the original film was directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, while The Matrix Resurrections is directed by Lana Wachowski, after both became transgender women.

the matrix resurrections
Lana Wachowski (Image: EFE)

Now the real heroine of The Matrix Resurrections is Trinity, while the character of Neo—played by a tired and stiff Keanu Reeves—goes from being the chosen one to the lapdog of the new “Mary Sue” with Dominatrix looks and attitude.

Far from honoring what made the original film, The Matrix Resurrections is dedicated to systematically demolishing each and every element that ignited the imaginations of millions and marked a before and after in the history of science fiction cinema.

The theory that would turn The Matrix Resurrections into a masterpiece

In 1999, The Matrix was a true cultural earthquake that transcended the barriers of the seventh art, becoming a source of inspiration for a whole current of thought that questions reality as we know it, feeding dozens of conspiracy theories.

The idea that we live in a world controlled by an elite that makes us believe in a complacent false reality, while in truth milking us like cattle, is something that more and more people see as perfectly plausible. Taking the red pill is an expression that emerged with this film, and is now popularly used and understood by everyone.

the matrix resurrections
Image: Pixabay

In fact, this red pill thing has become the way of saying that a person has managed to stop believing in the artificial narrative that the entire establishment insists on instilling, especially on issues such as progressivism, feminism, globalism, gender ideology, transhumanism, etc.

If we are to think of conspiracy theories related to these films, let’s imagine for a moment that somehow the original The Matrix had come dangerously close to reality, and this would have made those who would be pulling the strings from the shadows nervous.

If so, what might be the best strategy on the part of the evil overlords to nullify the influence of The Matrix and defuse it? Try to censor it? Strive to disprove it? Smear it? All of these actions could well be counterproductive.

However, hypothetically speaking wouldn’t it be better to seduce its creators into becoming transgender activists, so that they transform the franchise into an unbearable metaphor woke, that ends up merging with the prevailing narrative, and that in the end nobody takes it seriously, to end up being diluted like a sugar cube in a woke ocean?

Of course, this crazy conspiracy theory is merely a nice conjecture, but what is undeniable is that right now we live in a reality in which in order to see this latest installment of The Matrix, it is necessary to show a health passport at the entrance of the cinema. Maybe we do live in the Matrix after all.

Ignacio Manuel García Medina, Business Management teacher. Artist and lecturer specialized in Popular Culture for various platforms. Presenter of the program "Pop Libertario" for the Juan de Mariana Institute. Lives in the Canary Islands, Spain // Ignacio M. García Medina es profesor de Gestión de Empresas. Es miembro del Instituto Juan de Mariana y conferenciante especializado en Cultura Popular e ideas de la Libertad.

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