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You Have a Point: The Metaverse as Part of the Future

El metaverso como parte del futuro: You Have a Point


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You Have a Point, the space in which Vanessa Vallejo, Vianca Rodríguez, Mariela Palma and Daniela Carrasco continue to address issues that bother the woke culture, this time focused on Facebook’s announcement to create a “metaverse”, a meeting space between individuals in the digital universe.

Vanessa, editor in chief of El American, explained that the project is part of the advances in technology. However, she stressed that it is necessary to establish limits between the benefits and dangers of using virtual reality.

“Those goggles are truly shocking. There are many conservative people who are reluctant to try them, but it is already becoming normal for people to use virtual reality. However, this is not a game, it is one of the most important breakthroughs that are happening,” Vallejo said.

“It can’t be stopped because it’s going to keep moving forward. It opens up shocking possibilities for new generations. We need parents to educate their children so that they know how to differentiate the benefits from the negative,” she commented.

Vallejo added that “it will bring benefits in the future, especially with teleworking. For example, the fact that a person can meet anywhere in the world is a huge advantage.

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you have a point
Mark Zuckerberg’s company reported its intentions to create metaverse. (Image: Flickr)

Last week Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Facebook, announced that with the project it will create 10,000 new skilled jobs in Europe over the next five years.

In July, Zuckerberg had announced that he would form a team to develop the “metaverse,” a term by which he describes a digital universe in which multiple people can interact within a three-dimensional virtual environment.

Setting boundaries with the metaverse

Mariela agreed with Vanessa, who stressed the importance of establishing limits despite the use of virtual reality. She also indicated that the sense of reality should not be lost.

“It is different to use virtual reality for entertainment than the proposal that social interaction be in virtual reality or as a parallel reality in which our daily life is in another reality. There are fine lines between it being useful and the harm it can do,” she said.

Daniela said that people’s interaction should be maintained as we know it and not be affected by virtual reality. Likewise, she pointed out that the metaverse also opens the debate about those who refuse to use it.

“Clearly it is positive and can serve as a tool, but it is very different when it modifies how we interact and we must also think about those who cannot access it because of the costs or because they do not want to participate in this technology and there is a line there”.

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