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The people of Chile and the plurinational Castro-Chavista Constitution

The people of Chile and the plurinational Castro-Chavista Constitution

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A few days before the Constitutional plebiscite in Chile, it has been demonstrated that this constituent process is a transnational strategy to attack the unity of the nation, destroy the state and confront the Chilean people. The Constitutional project to be voted on September 4 proposes a “plurinational state;” the supplanting of the “Chilean nation” by 11 nations; the disappearance of “equality before the law;” of the human right to “private property” and notorious violations to freedom that are a copy of the texts with which the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua oppress their peoples.

The Constitutional plebiscite is “the last instance of the constituent process that began with the National Plebiscite 2020,” a popular and populist referendum. It is a copy of the dictatorial model that the 21st-century socialism (or Castro-Chavismo) executed and manipulated in Cuba with the Castros, in Venezuela with Chávez and Maduro, in Bolivia with Morales and in Ecuador with Correa.

The constituent process in Chile is born from the violent pressure repeated by the transnational operation of the socialism of the XXI century or Castro-Chavismo as in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. It is articulated with their methodology of transforming a government problem into a state conflict and this into a system crisis, to which they apply the formula of converting a relative minority into an absolute majority, as they have done in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and more.

The method to reach the Constituent in Chile is relevant, since it is an accelerated constitutional reform, under pressure of violence, which by means of Law 21.200, published on December 24, 2019, replaces the “plebiscite” that appeared in the so-called Constitution of Pinochet and that had been abrogated by Constitutional Reform Law 2005, promulgated on August 18, 2005, by President Ricardo Lagos, precisely because the plebiscite or referendums are considered a dictatorial mechanism.

It is repeated until now that it was the majority of the Chilean people who voted for the constituent process, and that is simply false. According to the data of the Electoral Service of Chile, in the plebiscite of October 25, 2020, only 50.95 % of the registered voters voted, of which 78.28 % voted for the Constituent, which represents only 39.61 % of the Chilean voters. This result was presented as “the majority of the population” or “the overwhelming majority of Chileans”, a deceitful narrative that is the basis of the campaign repeated by President Gabriel Boric to support and expand the Castro-Chavista intervention in his country.

What the Chilean constituent process does is try to replace the democratic Constitution approved during the administration of President Lagos with a draft Castro-Chavista Constitution, a copy of the worst contents of the dictatorial instruments of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

The Constitution draft is an act of invasion to their nation, their economy, their democracy, and the Chilean cultural unity that is intended to be broken with the multiplication of the plurinational confrontation. It is a copy of the worst fallacies of the ill-named constitutions of the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador that violate the human right of “equality in dignity and rights” granting more rights and power to groups that they manipulate and justify, such as indigenous people and minorities, which have already been incorporated into the nation for a long time, but which are reactivated as a mechanism of subversion and conspiracy.

It further violates the human right to “equality before the law” by establishing courts of exception and violates the human right to “private property” in order to destroy the economy of one of the most prosperous countries in the region. In a sample of the transnational attack, they seek to destroy the “social security” system, which is an international model of reform and modernization of this service.

By violating human rights and freedom, the Castro-Chavista Constitution for Chile ends with democracy, since it also eliminates the human right to equality, which is the basis of universal suffrage, which is also liquidated by presenting individuals with greater privileges and rights than others, which ends with the concept of “citizen.” The fight against inequality has been used as an argument for 21st-century socialism, and it is precisely “inequality manipulated by an omnipotent state” that the constitution that Chileans will vote on September 4th seeks to institutionalize.

This article is part of an agreement between El American and the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.


Carlos Sánchez Berzain es abogado, politólogo, máster en ciencia política y sociología. Catedrático. Estadista perseguido y exiliado político. Director del Interamerican Institute for Democracy // Carlos Sánchez Berzain is a lawyer, political scientist, with a master's degree in political science and sociology. Professor. Persecuted statesman and political exile. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

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