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The Republican Dilemma

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The United States is experiencing moments of unprecedented tension. Unusual elections have led to a dangerous power struggle.

As has historically been the case, the media projected the winner of this November 3rd election. They did so, however, despite numerous concerns about the vote count in different states. And Joe Biden, favored by uncredited results, let himself be crowned by CNN and Fox News.

The man aspires to be the leader of an entire country, as he said in his victory speech. He aspires to govern for Democrats and Republicans alike, he insisted. So far, however, Mr. Biden’s words have been nothing more than rhetoric. His actions since Nov. 3 have distanced him from his alleged determination to be the leader of more than 328 million people.

Millions of Americans who voted for President Donald Trump have serious doubts about the electoral process. They feel robbed. They point to a significant number of irregularities that have occurred throughout the country. And Mr. Biden, instead of seeking to offer answers or solutions to the millions who feel cheated, has chosen to ignore the claims. Irresponsibly, he has ignored them. He took the crown that the media gave him and brags about it despite suspicions.

On the other hand, Mr. Trump intends to keep the dispute for the White House alive. Although the official results strongly favored Joe Biden, his reelection campaign clings to irregularities and the questionable relationship between Dominion and Smartmatic to claim that fraud took place.

The president’s call is to count every legal vote. He insists: the legal ones, not those that were admitted in violation of electoral rules or those that were manipulated. His call is also clear: irregularities must be investigated to the end. This is a demand that should be accompanied by Joe Biden. But it is clear that, as we said, the Democrat is not interested in the fact that millions of Republicans have lost confidence in the integrity of American institutions.

Today, however, what is most troubling is the dilemma in which the Republican Party is caught. Of course, the radical drift in which the Democratic Party finds itself, now taken over by the most radical and dangerous passions, is alarming. However, without a strong, robust and wise Republican Party, all is lost.

The next big challenge is Georgia. With Joe Biden’s presidency imminent, losing the Senate to the Republicans would be a tragedy. But not just a tragedy for the Grand Old Party; it would be a tragedy for the entire country, which would be left without a retaining wall in the face of a possible radical steamroller, led by the Biden-Harris duo. All Americans should bet on the healthy balance of institutions. Consequently, the victory of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the second round in Georgia is vital.

It was irresponsible of Trump’s lawyer, Lin Wood, to try to dissuade Republicans in Georgia from supporting their Senate candidates just because Loeffler and Perdue have not been forthcoming with allegations of fraud in the president’s campaign. To sacrifice the Senate for trying to protect a candidacy that does not look particularly vivid is to condemn the United States to being taken over entirely by its own enemies.

Focusing on winning the two seats in the Georgia Senate should be the Republican Party’s priority today. This, it is important to emphasize, does not mean turning our backs on the President’s and his supporters’ crusade to expose fraud. Georgia and the White House are not mutually exclusive.

However, support for the President and his allegations must be vigilant and cautious. The Democratic Party spent four years questioning Trump’s legitimacy based on irrational conspiracy theories that portrayed the president as a marionette of the Kremlin. These delusions should be left to the Democrats.

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