The Tainted Election of 2020

In the 2020 election, there was a mixture of ballot harvesting, suppression of Republican poll watchers, mail carriers backdating ballots, videos of mysterious ballots showing up, and election workers boarding up windows so no one could see what was happening

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The one thing that sets a country apart from a Constitutional Republic and a Banana Republic is the integrity of elections. If the losing electorate is demoralized and feels as though their votes don’t count, they will stop voting. This, of course, is beneficial to the team that does all the cheating because they will no longer have to worry about cheating —their team will always win. While I’m not saying that there was definitive cheating, I’m saying that too many things both on a small and a large scale don’t add up and should be investigated.

Before we talk about cheating, let’s figure out why this election was too uncomfortably close and thus prime for fraud. Why was it so close that cheating could actually take Joe Biden over the top? First, there’s the media and their hatred of Donald Trump, so much so, that the narrative led to championing a frail fraudster. They were complicit in hiding the corruption that Joe Biden brought to the table, first with Tara Read, the woman who accused him of sexual assault, and then with the selling of his Vice Presidential seat for cash.

In our movie, Trump Card, my husband Dinesh D’Souza interviewed Peter Schweizer about the Biden family racket. It wasn’t just Hunter Biden that benefited, but all of Joe’s brothers and ultimately he himself. Peter goes on to say that these leftist political figures create demand for their own services by accumulating power. The more power they have, the more they have the ability to enrich themselves by squelching other people and in this case, countries.

When it comes to racking up the cash from projects around the world, Joe Biden is the planet and his family members rotate around him and gobble up money based on the fact that their father is calling all the shots.  Schweizer has done extensive research on the Biden family racket and the Trump Card interview is a short recap of it. His book, Profiles in Corruption, gives many more details on not only Biden but Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and many more. 

Peter does what the media failed to do so the American public could see the truth behind not only the corruption but the planned socialism they have for America. The other players that hid this were Hollywood, academia and social media.  

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This is the reason so many independent voters or Trump-hating Republicans could vote for a man who was not only corrupt to the core but whose running mate is the most liberal Senator in America. 

In the custom of a good socialist, one must not tell the truth about it. Both Biden and Kamala Harris were asked numerous times if they were socialists and they vehemently denied it. Even most recently, Nancy Pelosi was asked if their plans were to push for socialism to which she did not reply. As I wrote in my previous article, both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez boldly denied being socialist when interviewed before their “elections.” The media, Hollywood, academia and the gods of social media hid this pesky little fact. 

Now that I’ve accused half of the electorate of being deceived and the media of being complicit, I have to mention something no American wants to hear: cheating more than likely happened and it’s happened before.

In 2012, a group by the name of True the Vote, led by Catherine Englebrecht found numerous instances of widespread cheating. From dead people voting, to Disney characters and even illegals voting in the 2012 elections. I too served as a poll watcher in the 2012 elections in my county in Texas and witnessed quite a bit of shenanigans. These shenanigans were maybe not enough to make a difference but enough to take notice.  They also served as a warning of bigger cheating to come. In Texas, a voter ID was put into place to make sure that each person can only vote once and that it is actually that person voting and no one else. In their usual fashion, Democrats called us racist and accused us of purposely suppressing minority voters.

True the Vote was a wakeup call that would chillingly remind us all that “the big one” was still years away. It came 8 years later in a much more significant way. In America, there are many ways to cheat the electoral system.  One of those ways is what’s called voter harvesting or ballot harvesting. This happens when paper votes are collected by a middle man who then delivers the ballots to voting officials. This makes it easier for people to participate but it also makes it much easier to cheat. 

Once such case happened in 2016 when the very Republican Orange County, California lost its seats to Democrats. This caused them their election. Voter ID wasn’t even a factor in this case. In the 2020 election, there was a mixture of ballot harvesting, suppression of Republican poll watchers, mail carriers backdating ballots, videos of mysterious ballots showing up, and election workers boarding up windows so no one could see what was happening. 

But what was even more disturbing was the fact that the swing states stopped counting ballots when Trump was taking the lead and resumed in the middle of the night suddenly shifting the lead to a substantial Biden victory days later. Some data analysts suggested that the swing from election day to days after was too great a margin. Some of them suggesting that the numbers didn’t add up because for Joe Biden to receive 128 thousand votes and Trump 0 votes was a statistical impossibility —later they said it was an alleged human error—. There are many other such anomalies too numerous to mention. Because of this, it is important for Donald Trump not only to question it but to make sure it never happens again. 

Many years ago, I did a presentation where I showed many parallels that the American left and the Venezuelan left have in common. One of these parallels is voter fraud. I recently read a very interesting forensic analysis of the Venezuelan elections during the Chavez presidency where it is mind-bogglingly similar to some of the talk coming out of the Republican camp.

Paul Jimenez and Manuel Hidalgo did this analysis in 2014 and they applied a method called Benford’s law to uncover anomalous statistical patterns that they found were consistent with election fraud from 2004 onwards. They concede that although their results aren’t actual proof of fraud, they signal the 2004 election in Venezuela as a turning point in the integrity of their elections.

According to their findings, “In sum, we have found anomalous statistical patterns consistent with a hypothetical electoral fraud in the 2004 recall referendum and all elections and referenda held between 2006 and 2012. Although this does not mean that we provide concluding evidence of fraud, specifically of outcome-determinative fraud, this raises serious doubts regarding the impartiality of the current electoral authority and supports the allegations of fraud claimed by important sectors of the Venezuelan society”.

Our study calls into question the reliability of the electoral register, a major concern since 2004. In particular, we detected irregular variations in the electoral roll that could have overturned the results for the 2004 referendum and the 2012 elections. As a corollary to our analysis, we recommend monitoring polling centers where atypical support (extreme Z-values) occurs systematically. We also strongly recommend a full audit of the register. Without it, there is no certainty of the validity of post-election audits. These are considered the main guarantor of an electronic voting system, recently recognized by former president Jimmy Carter as ‘the best in the world’ [50]. Taking into account the multiple irregularities in the Venezuelan vote, which are difficult to quantify even if they are detected by different election forensic tools, and the possible strategic growth of the register to favor Chávez that we have discussed, we think Mr. Carter may be wrong.

This is a fascinating find and it further qualifies why Donald Trump and Republicans should not concede.  The anomalies allegedly found in the swing states at least worth a thorough investigation much like this Venezuelan one, because our constitutional Republic demands it and we, the people, deserve it.

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