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The Tragedy of Modern Feminism

women the tragedy

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If I were to tell you that I want a wife who stays home and takes care of the children, you will probably think I oppose a woman’s right to work and develop her career outside the home. In today’s world where you cannot believe in traditional norms of behavior and acknowledge sex differences you are condemned by many Leftists groups because of your lack of ‘tolerance’ with today’s norm standards.

Many people this week celebrated International Women’s Day wearing purple and green colors. Now, anyone who knows about global affairs knows that today in many Christian nations’ feminists are rioting and destroying Church property. “¡Muerte al macho!” (English: Death to men!) is what these crazy ignorant women shout on the streets.

Many Conservative women are speaking against this hypocrisy and are starting to say, “No hablen en mi nombre” (English: Don’t speak on my behalf). Conservative politicians such as Elsa Méndez (State of Queretaro, Mexico) has defended family values and the right to life. Political commentators like Vanessa Vallejo and Mamela Fiallo have spoken against the Left’s agenda in promoting a deconstruction of woman’s femininity and self-achievements. Are they in any media program being promoted as successful women? No! In fact, many Latinos living in the United States do not know who these women are. Many students of political science, economics, and history do not even have a tiny idea of who these women are.

the tragedy women
Women in this age of cultural relativism are suffering from the egalitarian religion and totalitarian feminist agenda (Pixabay)

What can be done to end all this nonsense destruction? First, reading books such as Ludwing von Mises’s book Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, who in the 1920s anticipated the problems socialism created for women. He said:

“So far as Feminism seeks to adjust the legal position of woman to that of man, so far as it seeks to offer her legal and economic freedom to develop and act in accordance with her inclinations, desires, and economic circumstances – so far it is nothing more than a branch of the great liberal movement, which advocates peaceful and free evolution. When, going beyond this, it attacks the institutions of social life under the impression that it will thus be able to remove the natural barriers, it is a spiritual child of Socialism.”

Many women on the Right are seen the effects socialism and feminism have on them and how feminism seeks the destruction of the rich and attractiveness naturally women have.

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Second, thinking for yourself in age where independent thought is abolished because you might “offend” somebody else’s sentiments. In the history of mankind, free individuals have always been enemies of collectivists mindset, so do not be afraid, woman, in defending your views. Surround your self with other liberty minded women who think and share your views. The best way to be independent is to always educate your self and develop your human capital in area of study or multiple areas.

Thirdly, avoid the new religion of egalitarianism. Everyone in this world is different and preciously unique. Therefore, many of the feminists and leftists hate Christianity because they see the high cultural achievements it has offered to everyone such as universities, conventional wisdom, and relationship between the two sexes. Appreciating Christianity will allow you to fully develop your femininity and love for your family. Always listen to your family and not your friends, the family is the first institution where you learn morals and ethical behavior, not with your friends at a bar or school.

Finally, with all this being said, I am not claiming to know everything but what I am saying is that women in this age of cultural relativism are suffering from the egalitarian religion and totalitarian feminist agenda which are caprices from these tolerant and “lovely” ‘ladies.’ Women should start to question all the stupid incentives their fellow female friends are promoting such as special rights.

Women do not need special rights; they need freedom from the feminist agenda and egalitarian religion. Sadly, today many women are still blind but many are waking up, and that should be the hope both men and women should have for a prosperous futuristic society.

Osvaldo de León is a History student with a Political Science diploma. // Osvaldo de León es estudiante de Historia con un diplomado en Ciencias Políticas.