The U.S. Must Stand By Its Allies and Support Taiwan

The Chinese communist regime may be taking advantage of what is seen as a clear fragility of a new administration that will not stand against the advancing Asian steamroller

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“We have a serious commitment to Taiwan being able to defend itself,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in an interview with NBC News. And it wasn’t just once. Blinken emphasized it twice: “We have a commitment to make sure that Taiwan has the ability to defend itself.” The phrase is alarming.

Hostilities between Taiwan and China have escalated since Biden came to the White House. The communist regime may be taking advantage of the obvious weakness of a new administration that will not stand against the advancing Asian steamroller. The latest and most frightening thing is that Beijing is reportedly planning an invasion of Taiwan, as has been reported in the press and warned by Admiral Philip Davidson, the most senior American military officer in the Pacific.

China is today the greatest threat facing the free world. It is therefore the main adversary of the United States. In the war to conquer space, it is winning. First, the main international agencies, now more at the service of Beijing than of Washington. Meanwhile, places such as Hong Kong that until a few months ago were a sanctuary of prosperity and development of the ideas that the United States defends. Taken over by China.

The loss of Hong Kong is a tragedy of monumental proportions. It was a region allied with the United States and the White House has done little to make those responsible for this hijacking pay.

When asked what Washington would do in the face of an imminent Chinese invasion of Taiwan, Blinken’s answer is that he has “a commitment that Taiwan can defend itself.” What does that mean? Perhaps by the time we find out it will be too late for the island’s citizens.

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Without falling into warmongering postures, there is a principle that must be defended: the United States has a duty to stand by its allies. This is not a matter of altruistic efforts. It is in the national interest -even economic interest for the United States- to have a world where freedom prevails and where tyrannies struggle to prosper. We do not live in such a world today.

China is taking decisive steps and continues to advance. The Kremlin’s influence in developing and Iran is rubbing its hands with the possibility of resuming the ill-fated nuclear agreement. Not to mention the Caribbean dictatorships, which appear stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, minorities continue to be mutilated in China and Hong Kongers are losing their freedom. Israel fears the strengthening of the Ayatollahs and Latin American libertarians fight alone against the Goliath of socialist regimes.

Losing Taiwan is not a luxury the free world can afford today. Partly because they are our allies and because their people deserve our company more than ever; and partly because such a loss would be a sign of the triumph of the Chinese regime, which grows stronger every day.

America is the last bastion of freedom, it is also the most powerful country, it is where the rulers of the world look before making a decision. It cannot have a lukewarm or indifferent position in the face of the enemies of Western values. It cannot give ground under the pretext of maintaining diplomacy and risk ending up in a war. While the American government has no clear position, the Chinese Communist Party and the enemies of the free world are aggressively advancing.

Washington must stand firm against those who threaten its allies. The responsibility rests on Joe Biden’s shoulders to support those who still have confidence in the will of the world’s greatest power to stop the advance of tyrannies around the world. It is imperative.

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