The World is Reshaping Itself

The world is tense at levels perhaps not felt since the first half of the last century. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has imposed a terrible tragedy on us, but to this we must now add: China is increasingly hostile to Taiwan, raising the possibility of another invasion; India “accidentally” launched a missile in Pakistan; and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard fired ballistic missiles that hit the American consulate in Erbil, Iraq.
Meanwhile, the White House flirts with the drug-trafficking regime of Nicolás Maduro and Israel plays an à la Swede diplomatic role (and cooperates with former enemies to encircle Iran and prevent its nuclear reinforcement)—by the way, it is worth listening to the last message sent by former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Biden’s willingness to resume the nuclear deal with Iran.
In short, the world is changing—perhaps forever. The Fukuyamistic stubbornness of ending history because the bipolar world had been left behind was shattered long ago.We are no longer in a bipolar world, but a multipolar one, where the United States is losing more and more weight and influence in the face of the advance of its enemies.

It is very dangerous. We know how it started, how things are going, but we have no idea how it could end. So far, it has been bloody, with Putin’s crimes in Ukraine (dozens of children killed, hospitals devastated and thousands of civilians killed).
This Sunday, March 13, there were elections in Colombia and, regarding the candidates for the presidential elections, there is no surprise: Gustavo Petro, Fico Gutierrez and Sergio Fajardo are consolidated as the winners of their coalitions. They will compete for the presidency in the first presidential round, next May 29.
Finally, a piece of good news: Tom Brady, in the end, is not retiring. We will have the best for a while longer.

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