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Timeline of Uvalde Massacre

The funeral services of the children murdered in Uvalde, Texas began yesterday, including 12 services that will be led by Rev. Eduardo Morales, says Yahoo News. El American detailed yesterday how Salvador Ramos managed to sneak into the elementary school and commit his atrocities. The gut-wrenching piece offers a timeline of the horrific events of the Uvalde shooting.

Coup D’Etat in Guatemala?

The President of Guatemala is claiming that President Biden is orchestrating a left-wing coup d’etat against his pro-Israel and pro-American government, claiming that Biden is aligning himself with the Central American country’s indigenous population. The statements were offered to The Heritage Foundation, which claims the left is pushing for tactics similar to Critical Race Theory.

Hunter Biden: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Hunter is back, yet again! An explosive recording exposes Hunter admitting his business relationship with a “f***ing spy chief of China.” The audio was authenticated by The Washington Examiner. Read the explosive report summarized by El American’s Kyle Becker.

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