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Culture War: ‘The Third World War is Here, and it is Ideological’

Culture War: “La tercera guerra mundial ya llegó, y es ideológica”

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World War III is here, and it is ideological. These are the words of El American’s Emmanuel Rincón in the latest Culture War episode. He reminds us that several empires have already fallen, such as the Roman and Spanish ones, and it seems that now the fall of the United States as a world power is imminent. The generational cycle is unstoppable, he says.

He argued that time is turning in human interactions because there is no way for those people who have had it all without earning it, to learn to appreciate what they have and keep it. “The United States of America was formed as a great nation based on effort, capitalism and freedom. The last three characteristics are becoming increasingly scarce in the collective imagination of the once-great nation of the world.”

Culture War on the threat to America

Emmanuel stated that only those who fought and shed their blood for freedom and free trade know what they had to sacrifice to achieve liberty, and those who set up great businesses with their effort know the difficulty involved in getting them afloat and maintaining them, like a ship that must face the open sea, great floods and storms.

“History is cyclical. No dynasty can overcome the vicissitudes of time. Nothing that happens today in the United States is accidental. Ignorance of history is not a product of chance. The fact that today the country’s major media such as the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, among others praise China while attacking the founding fathers is not an isolated fact, nor is it a coincidence,” he mentioned

Finally, he regretted that it seems, sadly, that the destruction of the country seems inevitable and ever closer.

This is only the summary of this episode. Culture War will be back next year. Watch the episodes of the first season by visiting our YouTube channel.

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