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Thousands Rally Around ‘Beto’ O’Rourke To Protest NRA Convention


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Robert Francis O’ Rourke took to Houston with thousands of supporters to protest the NRA Convention and rally support for what they called an “End to Gun Violence.” Thousands made their way to not only show support for the Texas governor candidate but also to hear from other candidates and local activists, including Black Lives Matter, which helped organize the rally/protest.

Crowds also gathered outside the NRA Convention street, but police fenced off the blocks, standing between the attendees and protestors. “Hey, Hey NRA, how many kids did you kill today?” protestors chanted, as attendees walked into and out of the convention all weekend long.

The recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 school children and 2 teachers dead has rocked the nation, and irregularities in the reporting by law enforcement officials in Uvalde have not made things any better, for a community that is grieving and demanding answers.

The latest news in a press conference held on Friday now states that law enforcement officials believe they “made the wrong call” in the response time it took to get into the classroom where the shooter was barricaded. Irregularities also sparked confusion when it was first reported that the shooter was engaged in a gun battle with a school resource officer, then later that statement was said to be misreported, and there actually was no school resource officer present when the gunman entered the school, and there wasn’t interaction.

Gun reform and abortion rights have now become the rallying cry for Democratic candidates and politicians, calling on their voter base and Americans to unite over “common-sense” gun reform (which changes depending on who is being asked) and “reproductive rights.”

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The NRA convention is being held Friday, May 27th – May 29th in Houston Texas, where conservatives turn to hear from their favorite Pro-2A activists and representatives. Former President Trump was the keynote speaker, but other Republicans decided against speaking due to the recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

There is no doubt that two key issues for voters come midterms will revolve around abortion rights and gun control, as the nation continues to battle on these hot items, but also a series of continuing crises like the border, inflation, and the rising cost of gas prices.