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‘A Threat to Democracy’: Foro Madrid Warns From Washington About the Legitimization of Terrorism From Institutions

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Foro Madrid, an international alliance, promoted by the Disenso Foundation that brings together different defenders of freedom in Ibero-America, held a conference on terrorism and freedom this Friday, September 9th, in Washington.

The organization details that the event’s initiative was given due to the concerns of how many political leaders try to legitimize terrorist groups. For this reason, Foro Madrid aims to remember the victims of terrorism in history.

“This day on terrorism and freedom will convey a real account of what is happening in Spain and Latin American countries. During the event, the links of terrorist organizations with groups and figures that, even being outside the law, have achieved legitimacy to participate in democratic life through political representation will be remembered”, explains Foro Madrid.

The event will feature family members of victims of terrorism and prominent political figures such as Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, Vox deputy in the Spanish Congress of Deputies; Hernan Cadavid, representative of the Colombian House of Representatives, lawyer of the Republic, and member of the Centro Democratico party; Mike Gonzalez, senior researcher, The Heritage Foundation; and Alfonso Aguilar, president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

Foro Madrid and the defense of freedom

The Foro Madrid emphasizes that it intends to defend the ideas of freedom in Ibero-America. However, it warns that part of the region is influenced by leftist groups, such as the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, promoted by the Cuban regime.

“A part of the region is kidnapped by totalitarian regimes of communist inspiration, supported by drug trafficking and third countries. Under the umbrella of the Cuban regime and initiatives such as the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, all of them infiltrate the centers of power to impose their ideological agenda”.

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