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Three Democrat Mayors Sign Resolution Implementing CRT in Public Education

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This week a resolution was made public in which three Democratic mayors affixed their signatures in support of implementing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public elementary and secondary education. However, one of the officials stepped aside and the signatures were removed from the publication.

The resolution, emanating from the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, was initially published with the names of Democrats Greg Fischer, mayor of Louisville, Kentucky; Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, Illinois; Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, Oregon; and Lauren McLean, mayor of Boise, Idaho.

The information went viral on social media after TCR writer and critic Christopher Rufo released two screenshots and noted the support of the four local authorities in a tweet.

This Thursday morning, however, the signatures of the four Democratic mayors disappeared from the document, although the resolution remains public. In addition, according to local media outlet Boise Dev, Mayor McLean’s signature was a staff “error.”

three mayors
Screenshot of the resolution before editing (Image: Twitter)

“I think it’s really important to make it clear that I did not, in fact, give my name or sponsor this resolution at the mayors’ conference,” McLean told the Boise Dev editor, adding that her signature “would have been meaningless” on that document. “It was a staff error, and we know mistakes happen. And we wish this one hadn’t happened.”

The resolution

The resolution, which did receive support from the mayors of Louisville, Chicago and Portland, states that “race is not biologically real” but is a “social construct” that has no connection to “biological reality.”

The document purports to recognize racism as a “normal feature of society” that is embedded in institutions and the legal system, assuming that all instances of racist incidents are “manifestations of structural and systemic racism.”

The text also holds institutions responsible for “perpetuating a racial caste system that relegates people of color to the bottom rungs.”

Taking into account these and other statements about racism, typical of TCR doctrine, the document resolves that “the mayors support the implementation of TCR in the public education curriculum.”

The resolution concludes that “the U.S. Conference of Mayors supports access to equitable programs that reflect history, reduce achievement gaps, and ensure that BIPOC (Black, Indian, and People of Color) students receive resources to ensure their success in completing their elementary education.”